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Which LGBT Rights Groups Are You Rushing to Make a Tax-Deductible Donation To?


Guess how we know New Year’s Eve celebrations are right around the corner? When 11th hour email pleas from groups like the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force for year-end donations land in our inbox. Aside from negotiating discriminatory estate tax laws — where “spouses,” but not unwed partners, enjoy tax breaks when leaving their worldly possessions to their surviving lovers — it’s that pesky income tax you’ve got to worry about. And depending on your desire to engage in checkbook do-gooding, and your means, you might be interested in tossing a few bucks to your favorite LGBT (or civil liberties) non-profit to score a tax write-off before the ball drops in Anderson Cooper‘s lap. So we want to know: Have you made, or are you planning on making any year-end donations to LGBT-oriented non-profits?

If you are, and you’re willing to share, tell us:
• Who you’re sending money to
• Whether it’s a new donation or one you make every year
• Whether the tax-deduction plays a factor in your decision
• Whether you’ve changed your giving this year, or in recent years, to direct funds to different groups

If you aren’t making a charity donation, tell us:
• Whether it’s because of a financial situation, or if you just haven’t found a non-profit you want to support
• Who, in a perfect world (with disposable income for charities), you would donate to

And remember: Current federal tax code lets any person give an individual up to $13,000 without any gift tax penalty, which means you’re free to donate low five-figures to a loved one who’s battling a monstrous healthcare bill, who just lost a job, or who just needs some holiday cheer. Maybe you’ll go this route instead?

(Note: We are not qualified tax professionals! Consult one before making any donation or gifting decisions.)

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