Which Lube Is Best For You? Astroglide’s Seven Ways To Go Around The Bases And Back Again

A lot can be learned about about a man by the the type of lube he uses. For instance, a long-lasting, silicon-based personal lubricant suggests stamina. A warming gel says he’s sensual and likes to linger. Flavored lube suggests he’s not afraid to get a little freaky.

But how do you know which lube is right for you? Thankfully, our friends over at Astroglide have come up with plenty of types from which to chose. You might even want to switch up types from time to time. After all, everyone loves a versatile guy.

Scroll down to see which lube is best for you. Happy hunting!

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Are you the type of man who enjoys a sexy, steamy soak in the hot tub on a Saturday night, or a wet morning romp in the shower before work? Then you’ll definitely appreciate Astroglide’s X-Silicone lube. It’s a super-slick premium silicone lube designed specifically for lovers who like water play, and it will keep you gliding for hours.



Or maybe you’re the more earthy, au-natural type? Get back to nature with this soothing, hydrating personal lubricant made with refreshing botanical ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, and pectin. It’s clean. It’s natural. And it will leave both you and your partner saying “namaste.”



For fellas who like to spice things up, Astroglide’s Warming Liquid will do just the trick. One dollop to your most sensitive spots will ignite your loins and keep the heat cranked up all night long. This is a perfect one to have in hand for a wintery night.



Do you have sensitive skin? Are you clumsy and prone to spilling things? Then Astroglide’s Sensitive Skin Gel is for you. Not only is it ultra gentle, fragrance free, allergy tested, and dermatologist reviewed, but the gel-formula helps prevent those messy sheet stains when you’re fumbling in the dark.



Dinner was great. Now it’s time for dessert. Unlike some flavored lubes out there (we won’t name any names!), Astroglide’s Sensual Strawberry really tastes and smells just like strawberries. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and get you off at the same time. Honestly, what could be better?



Perhaps you’re the type of gentleman who can go and go and go and then go some more. If so, you’ll definitely want to try Astroglide’s Diamond Silicone Gel. It’s specifically designed for–how do we say this politely?–hard hanky panky. The no-drip gel ensures a clean ride, and the blend of high-quality ingredients and coconut oil promise a smooth satisfaction to match your stamina.


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Then, of course, there are the classics like Astroglide Liquid and Astroglide Gel. You simply cannot go wrong with one of these as they’re silky, smooth, long-lasting and easy to clean off. They’re pretty much a staple item for every gay man’s bedside table (and glove compartment!).

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