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Which Male Celeb Has to Ditch His Boyfriend on Christmas to Be With His ‘Real’ Girlfriend?

BLIND ITEMS — “This a traditional ‘shopping’ weekend for this established celebrity couple. She will likely be combing the aisles of every exclusive store, looking for that perfect flat panel TV or watch or digital camera or set of golf clubs for him. He will be busy too, but not in the way you think. Since he must keep up appearances by spending the holiday with his family, his boyfriend gets this weekend. Our star will be very busy instructing him on how to properly unwrap and handle his gift. Don’t worry about his SO, though. His assistant will pick out a very nice gift for her – as is done every year – and she will feign excitement over her gift and their lovely and picture-perfect Christmas. We can’t wait for the photos of the whole family gathered around the tree, smiling, smiling, smiling. Fake, fake, fake!” (via BlindGossip)

(Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report.)