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Which Male TV Stars Were Caught Making Out At A Super Bowl After Party?


• Which closeted male small-screen stars, who both have publicly dated actresses and other famous women, got stuck in a deep make-out session with each other at a Super Bowl after-party in Dallas?

• Which barely closeted gay male movie actor recently had a passionate affair with a woman while spending time in Europe?


(Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report.)

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  • Mitchell

    Please stop posting these stories! This is not gay news, it’s not even news at all! If you aren’t going to say the name then why even report it?!

  • Harbo

    Mitchell: I agree completely. Bliond items like this reek of cheapness. If you have names, use them. If you don’t, keep quite.

  • joey

    Oh shush. Let ’em post this stuff. Pretty soon the commenters will fill in the blanks.

  • edgyguy1426

    If you’re deeply closted you don’t make out at a party. So my guess is no one.

  • kernelt

    it’s pathetic to keep posting these post without names, what’s the point?

  • Ted

    Is the Perez Hilton now?

  • Owen

    Well, that’s definitely Chase Crawford in the picture…

  • Darling Nikki

    It’s obvious from the photo that one of the Super Bowl people is Chase Crawford, who also hails from that state.

  • Kevin Farrell

    Does a disclaimer saying the photos don’t correlate to the accused really mean anything if they usually DO on Queerty?

  • Peace Out

    Yeah, really – boring, tired posts, obviously Chase depicted but not a shread of evidence and never will be. Queerty should be better than these posts to gain web clicks for advertising revenue…

  • Tony

    I really wish you wouldn’t post stuff like this. If there’s some closet case whose doing something to harm us, then yes post their name, picture and the details of what they’ve done to us.

    But, if it’s just some actor trying to make living in Hollywood. Then don’t. That’s just mean, pointless and make you look like a bully. Just stop already. Enough already, just stop.

  • Jeb

    Unless they are crusading against gay rights, an actor’s orientation is none of our business much like our personal doctor, mechanic, lawyer’s orientation is none of our business. If they wish to share then great, but otherwise it’s their life, not ours, it’s that simple. Actors, straight or gay, who volunteer to much personal information tend to get into trouble anyway. Privacy is the best approach.

  • mudgeboy

    I love these blind items. And Chase Crawford is super hot. I really enjoy speculating about which celebrity got caught. It’s too bad that Hollywood celebs are “forced” to be closeted because it would help us to see more role models. Thanks for posting these Queerty and thanks to the bloggers for guessing. I can never figure them out!

  • justiceontherocks

    @mudgeboy: Let me guess . . . you enjoy this foolishness because you have no life. Go be a role model yourself.

  • Simply Stated

    Actors shouldn’t be viewed as role models,they are simply doing their jobs in their chosen profession just like anyone else.

  • BlindedNYC

    Clicks and comments are votes, if we stop clicking on these headlines and stop commenting, they’ll stop printing this column.

    Simple as that.

    I hearby promise not to click on any more blind items!

  • Me

    Keep posting CRAP like this and I will most certainly NOT VOTE for Queerty as the best site for gay news!! These unanswered carrot sticks are a pure WASTE!!

  • Moo

    What an extraordinarily lame piece of trash.

  • Lefty

    It’s a bit of fun. And what’s wrong with “trash” anyway? Heaven forbid we should become “respectable” in polite society…

  • KevyB

    These CAN be fun, but you have to have actual clues, like “What FOX star was tongue-wrasslin’ with another FOX star?” So at least guessing is fun. There’s no clues here except a picture that “may not” have anything to do with the answer. And that’s only one dude anyhow. So my guess is the old guy on Fringe and one of the kids on Modern Family. Am I right???

  • Sexy Rexy

    I read somewhere else that it might be the “Supernatural” boyz.

  • mudgeboy

    I’d love to know it’s the Supernatural boys. I love Jared. Ackles is supposed to be married, but so is Travolta! I wish people would try harder to figure this out instead of dumping all over those of us who “don’t have a life!”

  • Dawson

    If you don’t like this stuff move on. Why are you clicking to this story if it bothers you? It’s like ordering liver and onions and then saying that you hate liver and onions.

    When did some people feel they can control the content that others enjoy? So what next get rid of sports stories because you weren’t good at sports or picked last when you were a kid? What some people like is not always what you like so get over yourself. Talk about ego.

    These post are gossip. They are trivia. Who cares. So let me see you don’t like knowing or speculating who might be gay? Sure. I am sure you have never privately outed a Kevin S or a Tom, Dick or Harry to your friends. Oh course you never questioned some politico or actors sexuality because you are so above this.

    So let people have their fun. It is no reflection on you. I personally don’t get Justin Beiber but more power to those who do. Why do some people in our community feel the need to regulate peoples taste or enjoyment?

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    It’s not him. He is with Romo. Did you read that blind item about the sister getting together with her actor brothers boyfriend?

  • mudgeboy

    Dawson: thanks for your comments. That’s what I was trying to say but you said it much better. I actually like these blind items, especially when readers figure them out. And they usually do. Apropos to that — the pic looks like Chase, and the pic is usually right, in spite of the disclaimer.

  • Kirk

    I think the actor is Gale Harold..who was on Queer As Folk..then went to work on Desperate Housewives.

  • robert in NYC

    Is this childish or what? What on earth does Queerty think it achieves buy printing this foolishness? Who cares who’s sleeping or making out with, hardly what one would call news, let alone gay news.

  • Spike

    Stop reading these and then you’ll stop crying about these. Not every article on this site has to tickle your butthole. Just move on the next article. No one is forcing you to read these. DAMN!

  • yogi

    taylor lautner?

  • Marty

    I hate it when you do this. Just tell Us.!

  • ophu

    It’s a BS blog to begin with, but the name of the guy in the photo is A_____ K______.

    Personally, I think we’re being punk’d.

  • Tofer David

    Actors really aren’t role models are they? What is it that they do? If anybody deserves credit it’s the writers that create the characters.

  • LovestheGuy

    OOOOOH, the plot thickens…and that ain’t all! Wonder if they had a Fourgy? Keep posting this great stuff, Queerty, I love guessing which heart-throb is messing around with other boyz! L’amour, l’amour, toujour l’amour!

  • Pete

    It’s not the Supernatural boys – they are both married, and if they were able to never get caught together before they got hitched, they are certainly not going to make that mistake now.

  • Stephen

    @Mitchell: I totally agree with Mitchell and Harbo…blind reports aren’t even teasers as to who’s going to come out the closet soon, just speculation over no-one and nothing…report something worthwhile, isn’t that what we want on this site?

  • robert in NYC

    This is nothing more than childish of Queerty. If you can’t say who it is, why print such useless drivel? Immature and stupid. What a waste of time.

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