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Which Married Actor Cheats On His Wife With Both Sexes?

BLIND ITEMS — “This B- list actor who deserves to be a D, but for some reason keeps getting roles is married. Good looking guy. Definitely a ladies man and will cheat on his wife in a second. Cheated on her before they got married and has not slowed down. She will not leave him though because she wants fame so bad she will do anything. Wow, this was not actually about his cheating, but about how when he was hitting on guys the other night, he said, he always likes guys when there is not a woman around.” [CDAN]

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  • divkid

    my could-give-a-fuck-ometer has gone in for servicing.

  • divkid

    seriously, i cant work with that —
    there’s nothing *there* to work *with*.
    very poor.

  • Harbo

    It couldbe almost any of them whether they’rfe on the A list or the D list. I used to work with actors and believe me, of those that are married, at least 80% cheat on their wives. Those that don’t are few and far between. It’s an ego thing.

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    Steven Strait…

  • Phoenix

    Ashton Kutcher

  • Sexy Rexy

    Channing Tatum

  • Owen

    Ashton Kusher. Easy. Dude is sorta known around WeHo as bi.

  • Wrong-Said Fred

    Better question: Which one doesn’t?

  • Oprah

    Duh? Its soooooo E.A.S.Y. Josh Duhamel . He is SOOO GAY. LOL

  • Aaron

    Antonio Banderas

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