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Which Married Male Singer Is Going To Divorce And Go Public With His Already-Out Singing Boyfriend?

BLIND ITEMS — “I have written about this couple before, but apparently it is getting to the point where some kind of public announcement is coming. I don’t remember how I described them in the past, but one is an openly gay male singer and the other is also male and a singer and is in a heterosexual marriage. Apparently, now that our married singer has ended his most recent tour, he is going to file divorce proceedings soon. He and the other singer are tired of living in the shadows and want to bring their relationship out in the open.” [CDAN] (Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report.)

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  • Tessie Tura

    Could this be Kris Allen and Adam Lambert? Or does Kris Allen even HAVE a career anymore???

  • Cam

    There aren’t that many openly gay male singers out there that I can think of.

    Elton John
    Rufus Wainwright
    Adam Lambert
    Ricki Martin
    Clay Aiken

    Am I missing somebody? Of all of those, as far as I’m aware, only Rufus, Clay, and Adam aren’t really publiclly dating anybody. Tessie, you might have nailed it.

  • Brett

    Lance Bass

  • Sam

    Kris Allen is in the middle of a tour and straight, it’s not him.

  • Cam


    Actually it looks like Kris Allen’s tour ends in just over a week. Could be him.

  • Yoinks!

    Clay Aiken and Vince Neil

  • Sam

    @Cam, he is taking a Christmas break. And straight- some guys are, believe it or not.

  • Cam


    Oh great, now we get the nasty fangirls/boys in here that keep pulling the “Dammit He’s straight!” “You gays just want everybody to be gay!” lines.

    Ugh, enough, go talk to the Clay Aiken and Ricki Martin fans and get back to me.

  • ruben

    @Cam: Rufus has mentioned a boyfriend when doing press for his last album.

  • Cam


    Hmmm, narrows it down.

    does Lance Bass count as a singer? I didn’t include him because I figured he did back-up and hasn’t really had a singing career since then.

  • Bobert

    Gavin R

  • Sam

    @Cam, excuse me, but I know him (will be happy to email you some pics if you want proof) and am not a nasty fanboy.
    And if you can READ, the BI says “ended his most recent tour”.
    Kris has dates shceduled for at least 2 more weeks.
    AND, he is straight.

  • Cam


    Yeah, whatever, His being straight or not being straight is less interesting than if somebody remotely famous actually came out.

    Bobert……now THAT would be a bit of a sonic boom!

  • Sam

    @Cam- yeah right, change the subject after your bluff was called.

  • Cam


    What bluff? You’re just another freaked out little fanboy coming in here to rant about how your favorite singer is straight. The same thing happened with all of the Clay Aiken fans and Ricki Martin fans. I was bored of the discussion because there isn’t anything you could say that they didn’t already come in here and say when their idols were still “Straight”.

    But the fact that you are getting SO angry about it would lead me to now believe that there IS something to the rumor.

  • tazz602

    I LOVE that the Kris Allen fans are RABID that he is str8 and therefore CANNOT be the subject of this BI – just because of that, I vote for Kris and Adam and I will squeal with glee if all of your fantasy bubbles burst wide open.

  • michael

    I agree Bobert

    Gavin R

  • ChiGuy76

    Things that make you go, hmmmmmm……

    For the answer, I bet we have to wait until Howard Bagman’s “Coming Out” show airs in a couple of weeks. This sounds exactly like the type of publicity he would want/need to get this show off the ground.

  • Mark

    It’s Gavin R and Allen is straight – have you ever seen the way he dresses when not on stage?

  • Blake

    @Sam. I would like proof. Please e-mail me!

  • carrie18

    @Sam: Kris just ended his fall tour with Lifehouse. He has a few radio shows coming up, but the tour is over. I actually think it’s Kris and Adam. They were super close during the tour last summer.

  • terrry

    Hey @cam three jingle ball dates do not a tour make. Kris himself said last week his tour was finished.

  • Mark

    It’s Allen/Lambert, for sure. There’s no way Allen’s straight, and his Lifehouse tour ended about 4 days ago.

  • Sammy

    @Sam: He just finished his tour with Lifehouse a few days ago. The other shows over the next couple of weeks are radio Christmas concerts or solo gigs. And how can anyone “know” that someone is straight? Just cause he turned you down, doesn’t mean anything. You may just be too fug.

  • MuffinMan


  • Joe

    Definitely Lambert and Allen. The Idol people push Allen’s marriage way too hard for it to be legit, and he just ended a tour with Lifehouse. Like the others said, he has a few scattered shows coming up, but that’s not a tour.

  • Jeb

    This will be another yawn like that 3rd tier country singer this year.None of the above.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You guys are trying too hard lol!


    @sam Hey there Yuppster…and by the way, nice to have you trolling every blog to make sure no one dares call your perfect boy gay. How would you know? Who are you to be so certain?


    The usual crap of lies huh?

  • Cam


    I always thought it was funny that all the wingers were voting for Allen as their prototypical straight boy.

    I’m thinking “They are so desperate for Lambert not to win that it has never occured to them that they are voting for a tiny waifish little boy with a lisp as their savior from the big bad gays.”

  • Jason

    I’m a fan of Kris Allen, and I was really charmed, and also curious about his relationship with Adam Lambert during the Idol show. I followed a lot of it, and have seen the majority of interviews with Kris, I’m sure.

    I double-dog dare ANYONE to find a clip or statement where Kris HIMSELF has stated he is straight. Every Single Time he’s asked anything about himself and Adam (back when management allowed there to even be questions regarding him) and the mumbling awkward excuse he’d always come up with for why it wasn’t true was that he was married. Never ever that it was because he’s straight.

    And you can be a plaid-wearing hick from christian southernville and still be gay wth talk about stereotypes (as i give one to refute one), ha

  • Justin

    @Sam…. It all seems like damage control to me.

  • Josh

    As much as it would warm my heart to see Adam and Kris become a thing…I dont think this is them.

    They have always been very public about their relationship and how close they are. They are openly very affectionate toward each other, but it’s just understood that Kris has a wife.

    I actually appreciate their relationship a lot, because it proves that 1) two men can have an emotional connection and not be homos and 2) gay dudes and straight dudes can be friends without the straight on being paranoid about the gay one’s motives.

  • Cam


    True, but he got married awfully young.

  • Gordon

    @Jason There ARE no clips of Kris saying he is straight. Which is so, so telling.

  • Gordon

    @Josh that’s BS. Their management put a stop to them being “publicly friendly” on the idol tour.

  • Jason

    @Josh – you know, you’re right about how they were so affectionate and open about each other – until halfway through the Idol tour.

    If you note any interview with Kris from say… Sept ’09 and after? Not only are Kris’s answers shorter about Adam, and often more inclusive mentioning friendships with the other people on tour, but then eventually you don’t even get any question asked about Adam, except the random ‘do you keep in touch?’, which, given what a fun topic it originally was to chat about, and how it used to make him light up, seems really odd. Like as tho management literally said ‘knock it off!’ or something.

    I do love the idea of gay and straight dudes in the public eye being able to be really great friends, of course. It’s just that with these two, there were so many ‘questionable’ little things that were only really paid attention to by obsessives like me, that it makes me think this blind item could really be about them.

  • Cam


    Perhaps Adam is hung like a Rhino…it would explain why Kris’s jaw always looked a bit dislocated.

  • Joe

    @Jason: Don’t forget, they were roommates during the show and Adam made a comment to the effect of, “Oh great, they put me with the hot, straight guy”. So there was obvious attraction there from the beginning…at least on Adam’s side of things.

    Ya never know, but I do hate these blind items, because they just cause us to be little gossipy women at the hair salon. :-D

  • Jason


    HA – you may have something there. I did hear that an ex-boyfriend said Adam was about 81/2 inches, so…

  • Josh

    When you’ve won a huge talent contest and are trying to build yourself a career, I can imagine it would get kind of annoying to constantly be asked about another artist after several months of interviews.

  • Anon

    Kris has never said he was straight, and there are a lot of things about the their relationship over the last year that don’t add up… or rather, that DO add up if you look at it from this perspective.

    Have any of you guys ever watched Kris Allen’s music video for his single The Truth? There’s a lot of really interesting imagery there. I also find this tshirt design that leaked today to be interesting. Kris apparently designed it himself.

  • Jason


    i think it went both ways, based on any interviews together with them. Kris is all moony-eyed puppy around Adam. google something like ‘kradam interview’ and you’ll see what i mean.

    i would feel bad for anyone’s wife of course, but these things are never simple, good guy/bad guy, and i admit i would be fascinated. Apparently I need a set of rollers for my hair!

  • Enrique

    Who’s Kris Allen?

  • kradamisadelusion

    “Apparently, now that our married singer has ended his most recent tour,”

    Um, excuse me? All of you deluded Kradam fans… When did Kris ever do a previous tour? “most recent” would indicate someone with an actual career, would it not? Someone who has toured in the past?

    It amazes me how invested these Glamtards are in a supposed relationship that never existed. They go so far to prove their fantasies that they impersonate people and hack into Facebook accounts. And then they swarm any potential mention of their obsession and spam the comments.

    Get over yourselves.

  • terrry

    @cam Lambert IS hung like a rhino, have you seen some of his tour vids? The guy goes commando sometimes and pops one on stage almost every night.

  • terrry

    @kradamisdelusional I guess headlining a sold out Idols tour doesn’t count as previous tour experience?

  • Jason


    haha wow you mad.
    Kris just finished a tour with Lifehouse last week. He did a short tour over the summer. He toured last year for Idol. Just because he’s not popular up to your standards doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a nice little career going, and a little name recognition based on Idol.

    You seem more invested and angered than necessary over this.

  • carrie18

    @kradamisadelusion: Kris has toured with Lifehouse, Keith Urban, and Maroon 5. He also headlined a pretty successful small tour at the beginning of the summer. I think this could really be Kradam.



    Have you seen any straight man ever saying he’s straight before? Why does he have to? Should that even be a question?

  • Mary Allen

    @Ricky If you are asked if you are having a relationship with an openly gay man who says he has a crush on you, then saying your straight would usually come up.

  • Kayla

    Kradam fo sho.

  • Lena

    LOLOLOL!!!! If it’s KRADAM, after all this time, I’ll fall on my ass and die laughing. However, that’s too good to be true. It’s gotta be someone else.

  • Terrry

    @Rickey All he had to say was I’m straight, just once when asked about him and Adam, and it would have shut EVERYTHING down immediately. He chose to evade the question and fall back on the ring on his finger. You should probably talk to Darren Hayes and Elton John about being in the closet and married to a woman. They might have a story or two to tell.

  • Moi

    Regardless of whether or not the blind item refers to Adam and Kris (though, it could certainly apply to them, as well as other artists), whoever this is about is going to need lots of support and positive vibes for the next few months. Coming out when you’re married, especially in the public eye, is difficult and will be very trying for the involved parties. Sending love!

  • Kate

    LOL I don’t think that it’s Kris and Adam either (although if it was I’d be happy for them both), but the defensiveness in this post is amazing to behold. If you really think it’s so delusional and false, why the fuck are you so mad about it?

  • scc

    lol it’s not adam and kris

  • Lena

    @Jason, this is the first time I’ve seen those videos. They’re flirting like crazy there. The attraction is palpable. I still don’t think the blind item involves Kradam, but the videos made me think twice about the concept. Wow.

  • Mary Allen

    @scc How do you know?

  • scc

    @MaryAllen Because Adam is always seen hitting on other guys?

  • Jason

    @Lena, so you can see though why i’m like, ‘oh my, maybe?’ about it being them, right? And consider this is how silly they act in a couple of mini interviews with each other, and then consider they spent every single day together for months on that show, roommates, and then every single day together for months on tour? With that vibe between them? Umm…. !

  • McMike

    The picture is Kris and Adam so they’re talking about Kris and Adam. The only reason why these are ‘blind items’, and what makes this blind items ROCK, is that the picture is always the person they’re talking about.

  • Terrry

    Wow, google Kradam, shit, it might be them.





  • Stephen

    You all fall right into queerty’s plan to pump up hits for ad revenue. Nothing will come of this like 99% of all queerty predictions / posts. Besides, would be so disappointed in Kris Allen if he got hooked up with that girlie troll Lambert – he could do better.

  • scc

    a group of people who ship them and legit thinks they’re a couple seems to have found your site.

    Adam has been seen dating and hitting on other guys, there’s pictures if you look. So no, I’m not believing this at all. I doubt these guys even see each other much anymore.

  • Mary Allen

    @scc all the better for deflection until time for the truth to come out. PR

  • macmo

    Kris and Adam? bwahahaha … Kris is so in love with his wife :)

  • Gordon

    @RICKY: when he is straight up asked about Kradam and he says “I’m married,” and not “I’m straight,” it raises eyebrows.

  • Terrry

    @scc every interview adam has done for the last 8 months has asked him if he’s single, his answer, yes, he’s not dating anyone, he’s not even hooking up. There aren’t even any pictures of him kissing anyone, except for when he’s putting on a show during his concert, and all his appearances at clubs are paid appearances. He gets 10K for each one. Not bad bank for him to show up for an hour.

  • scc

    @Marry Allen lol yeah sure.

  • scc

    @Terrry: lol no there’s picture evidence and reports of him kissing on guys in clubs.

  • Terrry

    @scc No, there aren’t. There are pics of him in clubs surrounded by boys, which are again, paid appearances, because they were advertised, but there are no pictures of him making out with anyone other than Jake Shears for a viral video and a couple fans, male and female at two of his shows, that’s all there is.



    Well, I don’t care about your kradam stuff but I just find it strange he has to answer that he’s straight because I think every man is assumed to be straight until he says otherwise lol!

  • Terrry

    @scc, Unless you’re talking about the pic of him kissing a member of his opening band on the cheek last week, then yes, there is that.

  • Terrry

    @RICKY: Well, you know what happens when you assume!!

  • Miss Muffinz

    This really sounds like Kris and Adam. I can’t think of anyone else it could be. (Of course there’s always the option it isn’t true, but we’ll see.)

    I’ve never seen a married couple look so less in love than Kris and Katy Allen. They look like friends, or brother and sister.

    Go compare pictures of Kris with Adam and Kris with Katy. See a difference?

    I sometimes forget Kris is even married.

  • Lena

    Yes, I can see why you’d say it’s them. I still don’t think it’s them, because…I don’t know lol! The rumor’s been out for too long. If it’s them, there’ll be hell to pay on both sides. Kris is going to be seen as a wife betrayer; Adam’s going to be seen as hell spawn who converted a good Christian boy, so, ouch.

    If there is any truth to this blind item, whether it’s Kradam or someone else, I wish them luck.

  • scc

    @Terrry: Not all of his appearances at clubs are paid. He’s still kissing and hitting on guys even if they were paid. When he was in finland he was seen kissing Sauli from finland Big Brother. There’s pictures too.

  • Mary Allen

    @scc Yeah, and Kris is still married and PR pushes their publicly loveless marriage all the time. So PR was doing a good job of deflection, until paps discovered something and now I think they’re giving up.

  • Terrry

    @scc: I’ve seen what you’re talking about and there was no actual kissing picture. There were pictures that looked like they were kissing. Its called publicity, you should look it up. Do you think if Adam wanted to hook up, he’d be using the biggest gossiper in Finland to do it? He knew what he was doing, he waned publicity and so did Sauli, guess what, they got it didn’t they?

  • Jackson

    You people can’t realize you’re being played with this item.

  • Terrry

    @Jackson: This isn’t the first one, and it wasn’t posted here first. There was another one from the original source some months ago. There’s a third one along this same vein from a completely difference source also.

  • scc

    @Terrry: you’re embarrassing yourself.

  • Terrry

    @scc: If you say so.

  • scc

    @Jackson: Apparently not.

  • notKradam

    Hate to burst bubbles, but its not Kris & Adam.Sorry but Kris is still happily married & Adam has been dating someone off & on for about a year & trying to hide it :)

  • Terrry

    @notKradam: LOL, no, he was banging him for a brief period, and then realized the guy was completely crazy and backed up off that right quick. But he did manage to keep it pretty quiet while it was going on, which is why all the club nonsense is nonsense. If Adam wants to screw someone, people won’t know about it.

  • Hahahaha

    That pic is definitely Kradam from the finale, so can this website really get away with doing this stuff if it’s not true?

  • Lena

    How could it be Kradam? Adam’s been touring like a mad man, 100 or more concerts since June. Before that he was dating another guy. Kris has been touring, too, and promoting a song. How would they manage a secret affair? They’d have to use doubles and that wouldn’t be fun. Kradam doesn’t work.

  • Moi

    @notKradam: I don’t know many happily married couples, where the husband’s a singer, and the wife sits in the front row reading a book :)

  • Alice

    @Lena: There are plenty of people out there who do long distance relationships.

  • Lyoness7

    @Cam: LOL I know huh!

  • Russell

    I knew Kris was hinky, I just knew it!!
    This is going to be so much fun watching the Kristards melt down!!

  • Kirk

    Whoever it turns out to be I wish them luck, sounds like it will be a shit storm of epic proportions!

  • Lyoness7

    I just hope it isn’t Allen. Adam deserves someone equally glamourous and fierce and fabulous. Not someome who lives in plaid and has a 3 year olds facination with bodily functions.

  • Mac McNeill

    It’s David Cook and David Archuleta. Well, Archuleta denies being gay so much he probably is.

    Kris is hot, wouldn’t mind waking up and finding him in my bed.

  • carrie18

    @Lyoness7: Um…have you seen Kris Allen. He’s pretty hot. I’m sure Adam thinks so too.


  • Anon

    This site is ridiculous. That’s what I get for surfing the net. What kind of junk is all of this? Now that you have stirred up the pot, when do you people plan to do the big reveal? Does anyone take this seriously?

  • alan brickman

    What happened to Morning Goods? you can publish this drivel…

  • Dan

    Poor little Allen fangirls. At first I really didn’t give a fuck, but after watching all of you sad sacks positively rage at the mere thought of your idol sucking cock I pray to the black baby jesus it’s true.

    Just to hear that satisfying sound of your empty little heads exploding…

  • Alice

    @Dan: Actually, I think a large number of his fans do think he’s gay, and just want him to be with the man (or woman, if we’re wrong) he loves. There is a large segment that is convinced he’s straighter than straight, but a sizable group disagrees.

  • John

    If this is even remotely true, of which I have my doubts, than assuming I’ve even heard of the guy this will be my reaction:

    “Huh. Interesting. I wonder what’s on TV?”

    Gay or straight I hope they’re happy but whichever they are has no bearing on my life.

  • Anon

    A good number of you need to go back to Beep and quit pretending to be dudes. Okay, Jason & Gordon? Just to name a few.

    With Love,

    You Know Where

  • Alice

    @Anon: Hey Yuppie! How’s it going? Say hi to You-Know-Who! Has she read any good boo-Er, gotten a new pho-been to any of Kris’ shows lately?

  • Anyway

    Love the speculation! As much as I’d love it to be Kradam, it’s probably going to be some aging nobody even more obscure than that country singer from earlier this year.

  • JoJo

    Good Lord, Adam Lambert can do so much better than the boring dull Kris Allen so can you all just STFU about them having something going already! And for the ones aying shit about Adam you can STFU too! Adam is busy touring the world with his sold out tour, making music, and enjoying life with HIS friends, not a silly aqaintance from idol who isn’t the innocent goody two shoe boy you all think he is!

  • Josh


    Kris wasn’t a silly acquaintance, they actually became very close friends during Idol. They may not be a couple, but they’re definitely more than just two contestants from the same season.

  • gregger

    @Cam: I had the same shit when Ricky Martin was in Les Miz on Broadway and hanging out in the Big Cup (a gay coffee bar in Chelsea) with a baseball cap and sun glasses over his face. When ever I would talk about it, some bitter young thing would call me a liar and talk about Ricky’s “girlfriend.”

  • tarxien


    Rufus announced his engagement to long term boyfriend, Jorn Weisbrodt, last week, on stage at the Royal Albert Hall, London. They have not yet decided whether to get married in Canada or Germany.

  • Jackson

    Kris & the ~wife. See what you will.


    I can see a lot of crazy peeps who call themselves fans here. Oh God! apparently Kris is married and wouldn’t fuck them so they have to hide behind Kradam and pretend his marriage is irrelevant.
    Hmmmmmm If he doesn’t show interest in any other woman, then he has to be gay, lol! Sorry that Katy foiled your chances.
    I don’t think Adam is that stupid to go after a married man.Give these two guys who respect each other some credit. Hahahaha.
    Hmmm! If he doesn’t look at them, he must be gay, lol!

  • jason

    The record company bosses will go all out to stop this coming out. Record company bosses in America – especially in the pop music field – are extremely homophobic towards the concept of male-male sexuality. In fact, they are like the Religious Right in their attitude to male-male sexuality.

  • Dollie

    Note to Queerty: Slow news day? Reference Lambert- thousands of views, 100+ posts, and at least 4 trolls, guaranteed! Crazy how interested we are ( definitely include myself) in this guy’s personal life!!

    I do hope it’s Allen and Lambert. I really do believe we need more gay (particularly male) “power couples.” And… they’re pretty darn cute together!

  • aunt_deen

    Kris flirted like crazy with Adam. He also flirts with ANY guy he likes and is comfortable with. Don’t believe me? Look at picture of him with his male friends. Watch his interviews with Jim Cantiello. He joked recently that he’s “in love with Keith Urban.” He’s a flirt. He’s cuddly. He’s always been that way.

    I have no problem whatsoever with anyone being gay. If I’m wrong, I will continue to be a fan of both Kris and Adam (as soon as I pick myself up off the floor) and wonder how I misread things.

    But it’s not Kris.

  • Cam


    Wow, that picture of him with his wife is more gay looking than if there was a pic of he and Adam Lambert naked and making out. He has that uncomfortable “Gay Best Friend” distance from her. holding that ridiculous dog. LOL!


  • Cook

    @aunt_deen: You should think about what you just typed. Say it out loud if that helps.

  • anonymouse

    This article is ridiculous! If the pic is unrelated to the story, why use it? Your intention was obviously to incite speculation on a dormant rumor. Posting this kind of inflammatory innuendo is the reason it is impossible for Adam and Kris to be friends. And yes, News Flash, a gay guy and a straight guy CAN be friends. Support their careers but leave their privates lives alone.

  • Kirk

    Thanks for the Kradam pictures, whoever you are. They would make a cute couple. And that pic of Kris and his wife… just lol.

  • Amelia

    I must say this BI is making me LOL — or rather, the responses are making my morning a laugh riot.

    It won’t be the end of the world if Kris Allen announces he’s gay unless you’re his wife or a fan overly invested in his heterosexuality (such as voting for Kris only as a vote against Adam or being so delusional as to think you have a chance with him as long as he’s het).

    It wouldn’t exactly surprise me if Kradam were true. I am so totally not invested in their relationship, but there was obvious chemistry between the boys that went far beyond platonic friendship. I largely pooh-poohed the obsession in the fandom until I saw the candid photos from GMA last August, which IMO showed a “couple” and made me wonder. Interestingly enough, within a few days, there was obvious tension between the two of them. Along the way, when queried about Kris, Adam went from saying there was nothing between them because Kris was straight to saying there was nothing between them because Kris was MARRIED. It was such a marked and clear change that even I noticed it. My sister — who cares about neither of them — happened to be visiting one day and saw an interview and laughed, “Oh, so he’s not together with that Kris guy because Kris is married, not because he’s straight?”

    And then Kradam largely disappeared. I began to wonder if their relationship was one of those summer camp relationships. Kris did not attend Adam’s birthday party after he tweeted publicly about it, which seemed oddly rude. Even more odd was that neither ever attended ANY of each other’s solo shows. I wondered if Kris had just moved on to another and another and another guy to crush on — because he sure flirts with a lot of guys.

    So either their relationships was just a summer camp friendship and it’s DONE or they were told to cool it by management or family pressure and it’s DONE or the BI is about them. Make your choice and write your fanfic accordingly.

  • kacey

    Adam can surely do better than this southern hick, whose lifestyle is in no way compatible with his. Lol at anyone analyzing the looks between them to assess that they were having a relationship. Not to mention that Adam’s been seeing someone else and probably hasn’t spoken to Kris in a year. But yeah, I’m sure it’s them.

  • Me

    As somebody mentioned earlier, there have been a few previous blinds about this or a similar story on two different gossip sites. This was the blind the other day on Crazy Days and Nights (note that the photo was not included, this must have been the addition of Queerty):

    There was an earlier blind on the same website in July entitled “Secretly Singing Duets”:

    In August, Blind Gossip published this blind, titled “Leaving their Spouse and Coming Out,” which refers not to singers, but “reality show people”:

    The other day, Blind Gossip reprinted the Crazy Days and Nights blind and suggested that it might be related to their own August blind.

    The Blind Gossip editor has previously said that he/she does not know the answers to the blinds he/she reprints from other blogs, but DOES know the answer to the ones authored by him/her. This means that he/she knows the answer to who the “reality show people” are. If this is the case, then it is interesting they think that their reality show blind item might be related to a blind item about two male singers. Could the subjects be both singers and reality show people?

    I do believe that all of these blinds are about Kradam. Whether they are actually true or not is another story. Only time will tell.

  • Eric

    Like all of these blind items, there will be no announcement.
    On the freak chance that there is, don’t count on Kris and Adam, but people even less relevant if that is even possible.

  • bob

    @terrry: AH HA HA… you young people really are amusing me this morning. This old theatre buff can see you know NOTHING about enhancers or stage props. Trust me, no one can make it happen at will, thus we stage folk rely on smoke and mirrors. But dream on !

  • Kim

    Whoever that article is talking deserve to have people not speculate and make assumptions on who it is or isn’t. If the article is even true that couple will probably face a lot of hostility and prejudices-too bad this world can’t just be accepting of people, whether gay, straight, black, white etc… its the 21st century everyone deserves to be loved and happy and not protested, picked on, bullied……

  • Casey

    Ladies, Ladies, you all crack me up. It’s Robbie Williams and Joe McElderry.

  • Charlie Jackpot

    Kris Allen is hot Adam Lambert is fugly

  • aunt_deen

    @Cook: He flirts with guys so that makes him gay, right? Yeah, I thought someone might take it in that direction.

    Kris flirts with ALL of his male friends. Unless you’re willing to argue that he’s attracted to all his male friends (and knowing what his friends look like, I’d say that means he has quite the wide-ranging “type”) you can’t say that means he’s gay. He’s just affectionate and jokey about it.

    Adam makes out with girls on occasion. Does that make him straight? Or even bi? No.

    But whatever. Go ahead and wait for the “Kradam is real” announcement. You might want to get really comfortable.

  • Devon

    Well played Queerty. Well played…

  • me

    Hey, moderator- you never published my comment from this morning. Was it the links? They were good relevant ones, not spam.

  • JosephM

    Well on the plus side Kris Allen is getting a bit of attention again!!! The last time I remember him getting any curious attention other than for winning Idol, was when Lambert commented on his attraction to Allen in Rolling Stone. Oh and there was that poll on the gay site a few months back. Coming out might not be a bad idea for Allen. Gays seem to like him even if his career is in the toilet.

  • Sally

    You really should’ve used a stock photo… :|

  • Brett

    I am all for it being Kris and Adam.

    However, could be Kevin Jonas?

  • me

    Still no post? It had links to previous blinds on two different websites that combined together very strongly suggest it’s Kris and Adam. Two of the blinds refer to a couple of male singers but the other blind, very similar, about someone coming out and leaving their spouse for another, referred to them as reality show people. A recent post from the second website would suggest that these blinds are all related. I realize that posting links flags the post as spam, but I would hope within a few hours you would read it and realize it was not. Oh well, everyone’s loss.

  • Erik

    Um, Why is everyone stuck on Adam and Kris? Out singer: Ricky Martin… who is dating someone.. but he hasn’t discussed who it is.. Who the married singer is we will have to wait and see when he walks on a red carpet on Ricky’s arm.

  • Zastusar

    I’d never heard of Kris Allen and had to google him to find out who he is. This BI surely must be about someone most people will at least recognize, right? Otherwise it’s not very interesting. My guess is that @Erik is right about the out singer being Ricky Martin. If it’s him, I hope the married singer is at least someone I don’t have to google to find out who he is!



  • SallyStruthersMania

    Kris Allen’s homophobic fans refuse to acknowledge that he is the one in the blind item! He hasn’t much of a career so he’s nothing to lose by admitting his love for the divalicious Mr.Lambert. They shared a room while doing Idol so maybe they were sexually involved.

  • Currie

    @SallyStruthersMania: Kris’s first single “Live Like We’re Dying” is almost Double Platinum and he’s toured with Maroon 5, Keith Urban, and Lifehouse. He hasn’t had a very showy career, but he’s done okay.

  • db

    I’m going with Ricky Martin. He has refused to name his SO in any interviews post-“Me,” saying only that the man has met Ricky’s twins and “loves” them. AND he has acknowledged that this man is not out yet.

  • Me

    Ricky Martin’s boyfriend is a Puerto Rican man he grew up with. There have been photos of them on the Internet and Ricky has confirmed he is sharing his life with this man and he is helping him raise his children. I won’t post links because last time I did that it took 3 days for the post to show up. If you Google Ricky Martin boyfriend you will find all you need to know. The only way this could be Ricky Martin is if he broke up with this guy since these photos leaked last spring and took up with someone else. I personally think the story is probably about Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, but it could also be Joe McElderry. The item never said the singers were American, after all. The reality show angle would fit him too. Not sure who the married guy would be, maybe Robbie Williams but he was so adamant about being straight and even sued a tabloid a couple years ago for saying he was gay. Could also be Clay Aiken, as he was a reality show person. But who is the married guy? Ruben? Kind of yuck.

  • John D

    Do these blind items ever get followed up with real information? Or are they always a sort of titillating guessing game. Real? Fictional?

    Did you hear about the big name star who into really kinky gay sex behind his famous wife’s back? Can’t say who it is, because I’m making this up as I type.

    If it’s real, report it. If it’s just stroke fiction, aren’t there other websites for that?

  • jckfmsincty

    Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl are getting back together?

  • Becca

    Actually, what Adam said was “Oh great, they put me with the hot, “cute” guy”, not the hot straight guy!

  • Sean.

    Lol @ that pic of Kris and his wife, that pretty much backfired in your defense that he’s straight (Or added to it, idk what your motive was). But yeah, they pretty much came to my mind when I heard this BI. To the people who say they don’t make a good couple, ever heard of ‘opposites attract’.

    Kris is delish, end of story. :]

  • diana_alax_kent

    Of course it’s not Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. There’re rumors that Sauli Koskinen is Adam’s new boyfriend after his appearant with Adam at Adam’s 29th bday party. There’re also some pictures of them hanging out at Disneyland.

  • kradam4ever

    Monday, February 28, 2011
    Blind Items Revealed

    (originally poted July 16, 2010)

    This is actually three rather than four. It happens.

    These two singers are B list although one of them probably has close to A list name recognition. Both male. Anyway, it turns out that when they worked on a project together they ended up falling for each other. So far, it is being covered up for the sake of one of them who is involved with a woman.

    #1&2 – singers
    #3 – project they worked on together.

    #1 – Adam Lambert
    #3 – American Idol

  • Shannon1981

    I am a total Kradam stan. It better be Adam Lambert and Kris Allen!

  • diana_alax_kent

    Hey. Just accept it’s not Kradam. Adam admitted he was dating and the lucky one is Sauli Koskinen

  • woodroad34

    @Sam: I don’t know if it’s Kris or not, but the article did say the other person is in a HETEROSEXUAL marriage: “but one is an openly gay male singer and the other is also male and a singer and is in a heterosexual marriage” So it’s not two openly gay guys.

  • nitejonboy

    @Cam: Rufus Wainwright has been married to a man named Bjorn for years now, they even have children.

  • dannysax

    How come nobody has thought of Sam Smith? He’s a very prominent out gay singer these days. He broke up with his brief BF a couple of months ago. We don’t know if he has been seeing another closeted man on the DL. And I have no clue who the other man would be.

  • SFHarry

    @dannysax: This story was written in 2010.

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