blind items

Which Married w/ Children Actor Is Supplanting Dwindling Success With Dudes?


BLIND ITEMS — “This C list actor used to be a B lister. A very solid B lister. He was on two of the funnier shows ever on television. Since his last hit show ended, he has gone from job to job but has never repeated his earlier success. Our actor is married with child/ren but he has a place he runs to in LA to get away from his family and which he uses as a base for his activities with other men. A couple of weeks ago our actor was walking his dog when he ran into a a guy on the street. The guy on the street was also walking a dog and the two started chatting and then before you knew it our actor asked the other man out. The man on the street stated he already had a boyfriend, so no. Soon after our actor walked away. Several other times the man on the street has seen our actor with his dog and with other men, but never his wife or child/ren. The funny thing about this is that our actor was on a show which had a large number of gay actors so you would think he would feel comfortable coming out.” [CDAN]