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  • KWil

    He can fumble his words all he likes, the longer he spends resisting his incurable sexuality and trying to find his way pleasing a congregation that hates who he truly is, then quite frankly he is living the punishment he is brought on his own head.
    He would suit being Opus Dei, somebody give him a whip already so he can beat himself


    Hmmmm, large grey containers of some sort of chemicals…looks like Ted maybe cuttin’ out the middle man and brewin’ his own brand of crystal meth………. :-p

  • hf2hvit

    METH ATE HIS BRAIN–his face was already ugly

  • L.

    He over-repented for panting over men. How sad.

  • Jeffree

    C’mon Ted: just say you’re an exgay and that Jeebus has fixxed you. It’s a huge lie of course but as long as people throw pesos in the passing plate at your church, you can keep up with the pretense that that whole methsex ordeal was just one “big misunderstanding”!

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