Which of These 3 Actors Will Play 90210‘s Gay

I’m not sure why the gay Internet is losing it today after the supposed revelation of which 90210 character is coming out this season. We’ve known who it was for at least two weeks. (Spoilers ahead.)

Teddy Montgomery, the hot blonde surfer type played by Trevor Donovan, will come out this season, and a romance will emerge with a character played by Kyle Riabko, the lead in Spring Awakening. So says Zap2It in an “exclusive,” but AfterElton nailed things down late last month (also in an “exclusive”).

They figured it out by reading the script and picking up on clues on who this pseudonym-ed “Caleb” character was supposed to be. Caleb is Teddy, we now learn.

You know what’s funny about these gutters? They look pretty good from the ground. You can’t see that they’re really full of crap.

Yeah, no kidding.

The thing is, if you don’t get up here, get your hands dirty and figure out what is really going on, when the first big storm comes along, the whole roof could cave in on you.

What the hell are you talking about?

Ian eyes Caleb for a BEAT. He’s talking about Caleb.

What do you think?

Caleb looks away, purposely not picking up on this.

Can we just do this? The sooner we finish this, the sooner I’m done with you.

(not letting it go)
Not really. I mean you’re still going to have to see my in school. And every time you do, you’re going to remember what happened.

Shut up.

Or what? Are you going to hit me again? You can punch me. You can call me a fag, but you’re gonna have to face it. You can’t make it disappear.

Caleb looks like he wants to punch him again. A beat.

You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Or maybe I do.

Ian then proceeds to nearly fall off the roof, but Caleb saves him and they proceed to bond. At least until a short time later.

Look Ian, I shouldn’t have hit you. At the Bachelor Auction. I’m sorry.

It’s okay. I mean… I get what you’re going through. Cause I went through it too.
(sincerely) And, if you ever need to talk…

Caleb stiffens, immediately uncomfortable with Ian again.

Talk about what?

Which means Silver has been dating a homo. Actually, that’s a storyline plenty of female viewers will soon learn they can relate to.

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  • Kyle412

    sounds very Lifetime TV from the 80s. nothing overly groundbreaking here. Would have been more interesting if they made they black kid the gay character.

  • Hilarious

    Two weeks? I posted who was going to be gay back when it was first announced one of the three would be gay in the first place.

    I got you all beat. :P

  • Ian

    This show is still on the air?

  • Enron

    Just did a Google Image search of Trevor Donovan shirtless, man, he is ripped. Talk about horny activator. ;)

  • Ash

    Sadly…this will get me to watch again. Just so I can see how good (or bad) a job they do. Though, I’m really happy to see that they are giving him a boyfriend so soon. It’ll be interesting to see how much physical affection they let them have.

  • Sean

    I’m just glad they aren’t going with a sterotype. Most gay characters on tv tend to portray the entire community as overly flamboyant or the shy memember of the crew. About time a show picks the hottest and most ripped male character to be the gay one!

  • Scotty

    People actually watch this tragic show?


    I watched the first 2 episodes before I lost interest and quit. I’m still annoyed at TV/Hollywood’s revival/reboot trend. Doubt that this gay character is going to lure me back. I watched Dawson’s Creek, and saw the Jack storyline, that was enough.

  • Hilarious

    @CONVERSATION CHAMBER: Enough for what? Blue balls?

    90210 isn’t bad at all as long as you view it as a brand new show for entertainment purposes and not some sort of statement for a generation.

    Don’t take it too seriously. The show is better than most of the other crap that comes on the CW. I honestly think most of the negative feelings towards the show come from the fact it’s a reboot and not what’s been aired on the show itself. That’s a shame because it’s really not that bad.

  • horace

    Adore Trevor Donovan. I cannot get enough of him gay or str8 Teddy is HOT

  • Brandon H

    I can’t remember his name but I thought the now-out gay dude from Glee (the one who played Rachels boyfriend Jesse, NOT Kurt) and other various broadway productions was going to play the new love interest.

    Must have misread.



    Cyberstroll over to tabloidprodigy and you will see ALL of Trevor Donovan!…………..

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