Which of These Rally Cries Were Actually Heard at Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Event?

On Monday, a not-quite-million man march against homosexuality went down in Jinja, the southeastern Ugandan city. Organized by poop aficionado Pastor Martin Ssempa, some 350 people rallied in support of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, and against the gay disease that Westerns are importing through their borders. Among the targets of their rage: President Barack Obama, who dared speak out publicly against the proposed law. Some very ridiculous things were said at the march, and Xtra reporter Kaj Hasselriis wrote some of them down. We’re going to mix in actual statements with a few that we just came up with. Let us know if you can spot the fakes!

• “Homosexuality is a curse, it leads to death!!”
• “Obama loves homosexuals!”
• “Let’s kick sodomy out of Uganda”
• “God hates homosexuality”
• “Homosexuality is evil, I hate it”
• “Don’t bring faggots here!”
• “Sodomy is not what we need”
• “I say no to homosexuality”
• “Islam stands against homosexuality”
• “Say No. Man to man homosexuality is a curse!!”
• “Remember Sodom”
• “Keep penis-loving men out of Uganda”
• “It is time to stop homosexuality”
• “Sodomy = hell”

Answers on the next page.

Only the following were fake:

• “Don’t bring faggots here!”
• “Obama loves homosexuals!”
• “Keep penis-loving men out of Uganda”

Read Hasselriis’s full report here.