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Which Senator Will Insist Federal Funds Won’t Be Used for Phalloplasties?


As-yet-unnamed conservative groups are supposedly shopping around health care legislation that would strictly prohibit federal funds from being used in transgender surgeries, treatments, and procedures of any kind. And while no Republican has yet to put his name behind such rhetoric — “No taxpayer dollars for trannies!” — we just found the perfect candidate: Texas’ Rep. Pete Sessions.

Actually, it’ll never happen with Sessions — because the House already OK’d is version of the health care reform bill.

But it was Sessions, the NRCC Chairman, who in explaining why it’s okay for women to pay higher health care costs than men, tried this one out in front of the House’s Rules Committee: “Well, we’re all different. Why should a smoker pay more?” (He uttered this “before getting interrupted by a burst of chatter throughout the room.”)

Now, if an elected official compares having ovaries, breasts, and a vagina to the same health care concerns as someone who voluntarily inhales carbon monoxide and carcinogens, surely he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t want taxpayer dollars being used to convert that vagina into a penis. Maybe he has some friends in the Senate, who have yet to OK their healthcare bill?