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Which Straight Actor Loves Cruising LA’s Gayborhood?

BLIND ITEMS — “Which A-list actor gets his kicks driving his eco-friendly car through the gay mecca of West Hollywood, stopping to chat and flirt with star-struck male fans? Even though he is straight – and dates supermodels – he says he loves to keep his gay admirers guessing.” [BlindGossip]

(Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report.)

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  • So...

    George Clooney?

  • jona

    Sounds like Leo DiCaprio
    (eco car and supermodel gf)

  • andy

    Leo iz dat chu? Before he was A+ list, I saw a young Leo a few times in some very queer friendly if not just plain queer clubs in NYC. Wish these folks would use their power to press for equal rights but I guess that would be asking too much. Must really suck to live in the closet.

  • John

    That’s Sean Connery in the photo. The new Bond perhaps, but not the best of the bunch.

  • Travis

    The picture is of Sean Connery in one fo the 007 movies…by the discription this has to be Leo DiCaprio.

  • McMike

    The picture that has nothing to do with it, supposedly, always does but somehow I don’t think they’re talking about Connery.

    As for George Clooney and Leo Dicaprio, um I would bet the farm neither one of them are straight.

  • Silent J

    Hmmm, could it be Daniel Craig, the last Bond 007? He did drive Ford’s eco-friendly Ka car in ‘Quantum of Solace’.

  • Chase

    Make sure to support our new leaders:

    Equality isn’t free. Please contribute today.

  • Owen

    Its Leo. He is a bear chaser from way back. But also a true bisexual. His interests are supermodels AND chubby hairy men.

  • alan brickman


  • Simon

    It’s about Daniel Craig (recent James Bond). Even I’ve heard of it. He’s gossiped about being gay for few months now (nice story with kissing ‘smoking hot guy’ near gay bar, just see -> Moreover he’s now ‘dating’ Rachel Weisz. Nice ‘closet’ he has ;)

  • Maxx E Padd

    I heard Leo was very much into men when he was doing ‘Growing Pains’ and was told by his agent to stop making himself to visable as it would have an effect on his career. I had a high school friend who was an agent in Hollywood during the time and everyone he told me was closeted ended up eventually being outed. The only two who weren’t were Leo and Scotty B. Scotty B was known to hang out with actor William McNamarra who use to do some hustling from what I read. Leo supposedly stopped chasing guys when he was making Gilbert Grape. I have not heard of either Leo or Scott B being with men since then. Again I have no proof but what my friend from High School would tell me.

  • Blackmattachine

    Have ANY of them done a clip for the “It Gets Better” Treavor Project?

  • jason

    Most actors are the puppets of the agents. The agents are a vile, filthy group of pimps who are also extremely homophobic. I would love for all Hollywood agents to be named and shamed on this board. Sweet revenge for all the years of homophobia-enabling, I say.

  • Dinodogstar

    please, for those of us in the ‘square/fly-over states’, who are very out of the hollywood scene and heard game, please make your “blind items’ a little less ‘blind’, perhaps just legally blind but with a fraction of visiblity, so we can make an educated gossipy guess at who the celeb is you are wrting about.

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