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Which Straight Baseball Player Sips On His Own … Baby Formula?

BLIND ITEMS — “At a recent photo session for an editorial in GQ, this former major league all star and still pretty decent player replaced a golfer who has had some recent issues and could no longer make it. Yes, it is who you think it is. At the shoot, our baseball player was hitting on the model he was posing with and used the following line. ‘I love to drink my own cum.’ Yes, he actually did say it. The makeup artist who overheard the line dropped her supplies when she heard it. Now, our baseball player has had some very famous dates in the past. He has dated this former A list tweener who now is a C list television and movie actress. He also has dated this permanent married B lister who has been around since she was pre-teen and had two very hit shows.” [CDAN]

(Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report.)

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  • Aaron

    This is news?

  • Missy

    This is Queerty

  • CHIP1218

    So they dated Alissa Milano and Mandy Moore?

  • Helena Handbag

    God I love you Missy

  • DM1973

    Carl Pavano?

  • CHIP1218

    That’s what I thought…but why in hell would a magazine use him to replace Tiger….there must be 400 better current ballplayers than Pavano…and at least a 100 must be attractive enough to serve as a model…

  • Alexandre

    WHat does this have to do with Gay news?

  • CHIP1218

    Looks like it is Barry Zito…and yes it has nothing to do with gay news…just that some player has a very bad come on…

  • Larry

    So tell us already!

  • james_cambridge

    Barry “cum-dump” Zito makes sense, especially since his game sucks lately and he’s a well known Republican and we all know the math right? Greedy fuck + overrated + Republican = cum-eating sexual deviant.

    You can’t argue with math.

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