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Which ‘Straight’ Celebrity Couple Has Already Split Over His Downlow Affairs?

BLIND ITEMS — “This multi-hyphenate celebrity couple is sooo ovah. While they still make the occasional public appearance together, they have been residing in separate homes and leading completely separate lives for months now. There is big money involved, so no announcement of their split will be made until they untangle their finances. BTW, the real reason for the split is that he has been getting bolder and bolder about cheating on her. Even if their relationship was almost all business from the beginning, it was humiliating for her to discover that he was on the DL.” [BlindGossip]

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  • Cam

    Just read that Pete Wentz and Ashley Simpson are divorcing. He always came off like he might like guys….and he did marry the manish looking Simpson sister.

  • orpheus_lost


    Black game piece…

    Use of “downlow,” a term usually reserved for minorities…

    a multi-hyphenated name…

    Obviously, this post is trying to get us to think the “downlow” guy is Will Smith. It’s unfortunate that Queerty had to sink to the stereotype of calling the affairs “downlow” to do it but it really is hard to stop using racist figures of speech – something to remember when calling out others for saying “that’s gay.”

  • Ty

    To Orpheus Queerty isn’t the one who came up witht the title for this article if you look at the bottom of it you will see that it came from “Blind gossip” and if yoou were to go to that link you find other information on this article as far as DL couple

  • orpheus_lost

    @Ty: Does that mean it’s acceptable for Queerty to uncritically repeat it? That’s an interesting argument you make.

    By this logic if some asshole kid calls someone a “faggot” that means anyone within earshot is able to do the same without being called out for bigoted behavior.

    Queerty should have exercised some editorial judgment here and didn’t.

  • Cam


    Explain in detail why use of the term “Down Low” is racist? It is a term in full use by a particular democraphic, it’s in movies, on TV etc… So just because a terms usgage hints at a subjects race, sexuality, gender etc… doesn’t make it racist, sexist, or bigoted.

  • Carrie

    Oh please, why is the race card ALWAYS pulled? It’s really fucking annoying. Why don’t we stop bitching about the way it was worded and start guessing who this couple is??

  • t money

    they used the same pic on a blind item just yeaterday. it has NOTHING to do with race.
    and the game piece looks more mexican than black.
    and mexicans use DL too. everyone uses DL. even before it was gay associated it was part of urban culture.

    total fail orpheus.

  • Le_Vie_Boheme

    See, I thought they were talking about Pete and Ashley, too. In fact I am almost positive that is who they are talking about. At least, it really fits their situation.

  • OrchidIslander

    @orpheus_lost: “Obviously, this post is trying to get us to think the “downlow” guy is Will Smith.”

    Orpheus, I don’t follow pop culture much, but based on the clues given – they don’t really point to Will Smith.

    As far as I know, he and Jada aren’t separated or leading separate lives. Certainly, not for months. They appear so popular that if they were splitting up it would be news worthy 24/7. They seem to have a – so far – successful marriage.

    It sort of looks like race came first and foremost to you; and the clues given – not so much?

  • Michael Strangeways

    Pete Wentz and Ashlee don’t have “big” money and they’re pretty public with their split.

    “Down low” is used by EVERYBODY now…it’s not very ethnic.

  • CelebrityScum

    Gay or straight, these celebrity couples never lat long. Been bloggin about this for a while lol.

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