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Which Tastes Better: Gay ‘Purple Hand’ Beer, Queer Beer, Or Schmitt’s Gay?

The Mexican brewery Minvera is coming out with two new “artisan honey ales,” dubbed Purple Hand Beer and Salamandra Cerveza Artesinal, to target the LGBT market. Before you go thinking it’s offensive, keep in mind the beer maker — whose creative director Dario Rodriguez Wyler is a ‘mo, apparently — wanted to honor, not denigrate, the community: “Purple Hand is a reference and homage of sorts to the night of Halloween, 1969, when sixty members of the Gay Liberation Front and the Society for Individual Rights protested in front of the San Francisco’s Examiner in response to a series of news articles disparaging LGBT people in San Francisco’s gay bars and clubs,” relays Terra. Hmmm. So, uh, this is all fake, right? Because the report is more Colbert Report, less 60 Minutes. And while Minvera appears to be a real brewery, I can’t take any of these news articles seriously. But at least it’s better than the New Zealand “low car beer queers” ad campaign from Moa Beer, yes?