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While HRC Refuses to Criticze Obama or DNC, Guess Which Activist Did?


Freedom To Marry’s Evan Wolfson, who just got done schooling Tony Perkins, is one ballsy marriage activist. While most mainstream gay organizations like HRC are sitting out this round of White House/Democrat criticism for their silence on Maine’s marriage battle, Wolfson, a former Lambda Legal attorney, is leveling his target. And there be namedropping.

“President Obama missed an opportunity to state his position against these discriminatory attacks with the clarity and moral imperative that would have helped in this close fight,” he tells the AP. “The anti-gay forces are throwing millions of dollars into various unsubtle ads aimed at scaring people, so subtle statements from the White House are not enough.” (The White House didn’t comment.)

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  • Shawn


  • Brian NJ

    Every day more and more soldiers are dumped into the street, families can’t get coverage for their wife and spouse, because the democratic party fails and fails and fails to help gay people. The dignity of the Constitution is pissed on happily by the three little pigs, Barry, Harry and Nancy. They can’t speak out, or simply take two hate laws of the books. All while the HRC keeps its ass-in-the-air fuck me now pay me whenever “strategy” going, while trying to pass out their kool aid on the blogs.

    Kudos to Evan Wofson for having the balls to attack our new enemy the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and it FERAL FUCKTARD COMMANDER.

  • Scott

    The white house isn’t speaking up on ANYTHING – whats going on over there? Glad to see someone stepping up besides Kathy Griffin.

  • Jason

    HRC is sooooo over.

  • Jerry Priori

    I’m glad people are realizing that Obama is a do-nothing President.

  • Attmay

    @5 Jerry:

    I predicted he’d be Clinton’s third term back in 2007 with the Donnie McClurkin fiasco. And he has done nothing to prove me wrong.

  • InExile

    Silence is his legacy.

  • Jerry Priori


    I’m not surprised either that Obama turned out to be not at all as advertised.

  • Tommy

    Obama won’t himself come out and say/do the things we wanted him to say/do regarding Maine. So while that would’ve been great, reality tells me not to get too hard on him for that.

    What reality *does* tell me to place squarely on Obama’s shoulders is the lack of support from ANY of his surrogates and from the massive organizations he indirectly controls and funds (read: DNC and others).

    When the President can’t get muddied with a contentious battle, they send out surrogates to give a wink and a nod to their constituents that they’re thought of while giving the principal legitimate cover from opposition attacks. And that didn’t happen in Maine. Obama and his people wanted nothing to do with it. They went so far as to feign ignorance to what was actually happening in Maine in the first place.

    And *that’s* the problem you should have with Obama and the Democrats. You’re visible when they want your money and support but suddenly you’re not worth the time and attention (and risk) when you want something back.

    The only way to fight that is not only to withhold money – but votes as well.

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