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“While I’m very comfortable with someone saying, ‘I’m a Republican, but I believe in same-sex marriage.’ I would not be comfortable with the party as a party deciding to make that part of its platform”

SOUNDBITES — “While I’m very comfortable with someone saying, ‘I’m a Republican, but I believe in same-sex marriage.’ I would not be comfortable with the party as a party deciding to make that part of its platform. At that point, they would lose me. If they became a party that supported the termination of an unborn human life for no reason, I would find that at that point the party has left me. But does that mean everyone has to agree with me? Of course not. You can continue to be part of the party even if the party’s official platform is pro-life and pro-marriage.” —Mike Huckabee, explaining what it would take to get him out of the GOP

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  • Fantabuloso

    Mike Huckabee reminds me of Louise Fletcher’s Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. He speaks in a soothing and warm manner, but what comes out of his mouth is horrific.

  • myrios123

    I think that voters decide who and what a party’s principles are. We’re a voting group that allows a T or F system to run a multiple choice validity. Those that are unable to change (like Huck) should be left behind.

  • Republican

    Due to clemency-gate, Huckabee’s political career is basically over. Thank God for that.

  • Cam

    So not everybody has to agree with HIM to be in the party, and they should be in it even if they don’t agree with everything the party platform says….but if the party did anything that HE didn’t agree with he’d quit. Gee, how open minded of him.

  • Gry

    He’s my favorite kind of bigot: the folksy, well-meaning type, who just happens to drape himself in Heartland pretenses while he gets to live in a big city, enjoy all of its benefits, and rake in the cash from Big Daddy Murdoch.

    When he actually had to paraphrase Gore Vidal in order to dance around the issue of the Gay, it was instant insight into what a double-talking asshole he is.

    And kudos to all the rubes who bought a healthy living book from a man who couldn’t keep the weight off. There are these things called eyes. Use them.

  • Attmay

    @3 Republican:

    Good fucking riddance to Mr. Big-Government-For-Jesus.

    Now we can go back to taking quotes by 1980s sitcom stars out of context.

  • Attmay

    The Democrats can fucking have him. What’s the difference between his beliefs and Obama’s or Ruben Diaz’s?

  • Wheaton

    This dude is very dangerous. He shows up on The Daily Show or Bill Maher and it’s all laughs and oh-so-good-natured fun. But this guy is a hardcore Baptist, was a Baptist preacher. He can sugarcoat it all he likes; I was raised on that shit, and I can tell you exactly what Mike Huckabee believes.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    His son tortured a dog. What kind of man rears a boy the strings an emaciated dog up and stones it to death? The apple must not fall far from the tree. The amount of pent up anger that kid must’ve had towards his daddy is immense.

  • jessi

    Anti-gay and anti-abortion are the two main prerequisites to being a member of the Conservative Reich, so I don’t think he has anything to worry about. Unfortunately, the log cabin republicans didn’t get that memo.

  • tjr101

    I hope they continue to purge… let the GNOPE stay in permanent minority status!

  • terrwill

    Fuckabee is such a religious lunatic that he bought into
    the cop killers crying that he “found the lord” and “was on
    the correct path” resulting in Fuckabee pardoning him and
    instead of being in prison for 85 years he was free to
    assinate four cops. Fuckabee is the most dangerous type of
    rightwing-nutbag, he can come across as being a “real niec
    guy” with his folksy demeanor. Fortunately his political
    career is done because of the pardon……………

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