While Marriage-Equality Repeal Looms In Home State, NH Sen. Jeanne Shaheen Endorses Pro-Gay Plank

Though New Hampshire elected Democratic governor John Lynch and Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen (right), the state House and state Senate are currently controlled by Republicans with veto-proof majorities in both chambers—which means the scheming Granite-State GOP has been thinking about dismantling marriage equality.

The New York Times yesterday took a look at how Republicans are poised to introduce a repeal of the bill, which would pass easily but then get vetoed by Gov. Lynch. The question: do Republicans have enough support to activate their veto-proof majority?

Queerty’s guess: in a state whose Republicans are often more social libertarian than Bible-thumping conservative, probably not.

Sen. Shaheen, on the other hand, has come out as the first member of Congress to support the full inclusion of marriage-equality language on the 2012 National Democratic Party Platform. Rep. Nancy Pelosi led the charge by being the first in the House to endorse it.

Other Reps. backing the charge include Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chairs Rep. Raul M. Grijalva and Rep. Keith Ellison.

Now we’re just waiting for the White House to drag its feet on the issue a little more, but they get a pass because it’s an election year. So maybe go join the over 120,000 people who have asked Obama to say “I do” to marriage equality on Freedom to Marry’s website.

Photo via Roger H. Goun