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While We’re At It, Let’s Allow Parents to Remove Their Kids From Any ‘Alternative’ School Lesson

Not only will Harvey Milk Day make California school children learn about homosexuals, but lesson plans about homosexuals will make them learn about homosexuals, too! America’s school children will be irrevocably harmed.

The Alameda Unified School District, outside Oakland, will “forcibly” teach six 45-minute lessons about LGBTs each year to students in grades K-5 under something called Safe School Community Lesson 9. Ahhh! It’s gonna turn ’em gay! And make ’em do gay things! It might even make them start cross-dressing … at school!

Which led Kevin Snider, chief counsel of conservative legal organization Pacific Justice Institute, to file a lawsuit on behalf of 20 parents.

Supposedly, the suit it’s about parental rights. Without giving parents the ability to “opt out” of having their children participate, it’s tantamount to … oh, what did Pastor Dion Evans say it was? Oh, right: “If in defiance of sound reasoning and fairness to all students and parents this curriculum is adopted tonight it will cause a strong reaction. Instead of bringing us together and healing divisions, it will cause even greater division, alienation and suspicion.”

Suspicion! Like the type generated by the Christian Broadcast Network’s above report.

Moving forward, let’s also give parents the right to opt their children out from learning about other “alternative” lifestyles, like Kenyan tribes, Native American mystics, and religious people.