White House Already Asked Elena Kagan Personal Questions About Her Bedroom Activities. In 2008

You think the first time the White House was going to ask Elena Kagan about her propensity for men or women was going to be her Supreme Court nomination? Nah. They were asking her these personal questions when she wanted the solicitor general job.

Anita Dunn, the former White House communications director who’s back on the job to help out Kagan, says the White House quizzed her about sexual orientation as part of that job’s vetting process in late 2008 before Obama nominated her in January 2009. (Says Dunn now: “When there’s a gay nominee, there’s a gay nominee, which will be a good thing, if they’re qualified and should be on the court.”)

But it looks like the White House is the only one who gets to ask those questions. Reporters following up on Kagan’s nomination — by trying to get family members of Kagan on the record — are being hung up on.