don't show + tell

White House Can’t Commit to Killing DADT This Year, And Anyone Is Surprised?

C’mon people. Lower your brow. Pick that slack chin up. And your eyes are too wide for this news. The White House remains committed, or whatever, to repealing Don’t Ask Don’t tell. They just have no timeline for it, you see. And with Press Sec. Robert Gibbs refusing to tie the Obama administration to a repeal this year, we’re really right back to where we started. Maybe not Square One, but not exactly Square Three either.

Today’s dog and pony show before the House, where Army’s Gen. George Casey the Air Force’s Gen. Norton Schwartz will tell lawmakers their positions on their branch’s “readiness” for ending the law, is a necessary step to secure a legislative repeal. But it also serves as a means for the White House to stall on the issue — to let legislators have time to digest the testimony and form a cohesive “strategy.”