Easter memed

The White House Easter Egg Roll memes are in and they’re brutally hilarious

The White House just barely managed to pull of the annual Easter Egg Roll on Monday. The event was plagued with all sorts of problems, mainly due to Melania Trump‘s lack of planning. (The event is traditionally hosted by the First Lady.)

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As a result, this year’s Roll had nearly half the usual number of attendees, no Seasame Street characters, no celebrity guests, and no entertainment (aside from a few crappy local cover bands booked at the last minute.) On top of that, the weather was overcast and punctuated by showers. Oh, and Donald Trump had to be reminded to put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem.

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While it may not have lived up the previous year’s events, at least we got some great memes out of it.

Scroll down for our favorite 2017 White House Easter Egg Roll memes…


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