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White House still has no LGBT page, but it does have one dedicated to Melania’s QVC jewelry line

UPDATE: Hours after this post went up, Melania Trump‘s official White House bio was edited to remove any mention of QVC or the name of her jewelry line, “Melania™ Timepieces & Jewelry.” It’s probably a good call not to give the first lady’s brand a shoutout on a site owned by the federal government, so good edit, guys.

The Washington Post confirms:

“The original passage read: ‘Melania is also a successful entrepreneur. In April 2010, Melania Trump launched her own jewelry collection, ‘Melania™ Timepieces & Jewelry,’ on QVC,’ the site read.

The updated version of the site now says: ‘Melania is also a successful entrepreneur. In April 2010, Melania Trump launched her own jewelry collection.'”

Immediately after Donald Trump was sworn into office, the White House began scrubbing its official website. One of the very first pages to go was the LGBT page, followed by the Climate Change, Civil Rights, and Healthcare pages.

Perhaps Trump’s team is working on updating those pages for the new year. Or maybe they’ve already begun their erasure of any and all things tainted by reality. Who knows? In any event, one page that was set and ready to go at 12:01 on the dot was Melania Trump’s official White House bio. And it’s absolutely ridiculous.

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Melania’s bio makes a point of noting that she is “only the second First Lady born outside of the United States. The first since Louisa Adams, wife to John Quincy Adams, the nation’s sixth president.”

(It fails to mention, however, that she’s also the first one who ever worked illegally in this country as an immigrant.)

It talks about her gig as a co-host on The View with Barbara Walters, all the high profile New York photographers she’s worth with, and the time she did a layout for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Vogue, and other glossy publications.

(It conveniently forgets to mention her now-infamous Mic magazine spread, which we happen to think is some of her best work.)

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Then comes the really good stuff.

At the end of the bio, it mentions her brand of cheap QVC jewelry. “Melania is also a successful entrepreneur,” the bio reads. “In April 2010, Melania Trump launched her own jewelry collection, “Melania™ Timepieces & Jewelry”, on QVC.”

But the best part has to be the final line, which talks about her platform as the new First Lady:

Mrs. Trump cares deeply about issues impacting women and children, and she has focused her platform as First Lady on the problem of cyber bullying among our youth.

Emphasis on the words “among our youth” and no mention of “70-year-old man-childs.” Apparently Mrs. Trump has no plans to try and rein in her Twitter-happy husband’s online behavior.

Here’s looking at a long four years!

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