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White House streams anti-gay church sermon at service attended by Mike Pence

Vice President Mike Pence at the Holy City Church of God in Christ in Memphis, Tennessee on Sunday
Vice President Mike Pence at the Holy City Church of God in Christ in Memphis, Tennessee on Sunday (Photo: YouTube)

Mike Pence attended a church service in Memphis, Tennessee, on Sunday. He took to the pulpit of the Holy City Church of God in Christ to say a few words, including paying tribute to Dr Martin Luther King on the day before MLK Day.

The event was streamed live on the White House YouTube channel.

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Shortly after Pence left the pulpit, one of the bishops officiating at the service, church-founder Bishop Jerry Wayne Taylor, addressed the congregation. He went on to state that homosexual attraction is due to demonic forces.

His comments begin around the 2hr 43minute mark. He says the devil is trying to destroy the family and institution of marriage.

“Two men can’t have a baby. Two women can’t have a baby.”

He goes on to say, “We have to encourage young men and women to get married. It’s a demonic spirit that causes a woman to want to lie with another woman. It’s a demonic spirit that causes a man to be attracted to another man.

“If a man gets attracted to me, he’s gonna be in trouble. Don’t put your hands on me! Amen. God didn’t make us for that.

“He made a man to be a man. If you want to know what God made you, when you go to the bathroom, just check your plumbing. What kind of plumbing are you using?”

The congregation are heard shouting ‘Amen’ to his remarks.

Bishop Taylor goes on to claim – falsely – that you never see homosexual behavior in animals. Therefore, it’s not natural.

“You never see two male animals coming together. Animals have not left the place that God called them to be in, they stay in that place. We’ve got to expose what the devil is doing, y’all.”

Scientists have observed homosexual sexual activity, same-sex couplings or parenting pairs in over 450 according to a 1999 book, Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity, specifically on the subject.

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Before Taylor’s sermon, Pence had sung the bishop’s praises in building the church up from just three families praying in their living room 32 years ago to the large congregation it enjoys today. It’s unclear whether Pence remained in the congregation for Taylor’s sermon or left immediately after his speech.

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One of the other bishops speaking at the event, Bishop Vincent Mathews Jr., praised Pence for his attendance.

“People criticize him for believing the Bible. They hate him for believing.”

Mathews went on to call Pence, “one of the most persecuted Christians in America.”