White House website now only mentions “gay” once — and you’ll never guess where

It’s no alternative fact: Trump’s administration wasted no time hitting refresh on the White House website, immediately dumping the page dedicated to gay rights — but making sure there’s one dedicated to Melania’s QVC jewelry line (until being tipped off that they’re off-the-rails tacky and removing said QVC mention).

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Pages dedicated to Climate Change, Civil Rights, and Healthcare were also unceremoniously removed.

Now, searching the word “gay” only brings up one entry on the entire White House website, and it’s not the same “gay” that led you to this page.

Rather, the word is used in that archaic way to express joyfulness and youthful whimsicality (i.e., “Let us now to the picnic, Gertrude, for there shall be assorted comfits, dainties, sack races, and gay frivolity to be found there.”)

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The page dedicated to Grace Coolidge, First Lady of 30th President Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929), reads like it hasn’t been revised or even looked at since the man held office, and includes the below passage:

To Grace Coolidge may be credited a full share in her husband’s rise in politics. She worked hard, kept up appearances, took her part in town activities, attended her church, and offset his shyness with a gay friendliness.

She “kept up appearances” and “offset his shyness.” There’s an avowedly modern feminist slant if there ever was one. Sadly, that’s about the extent of “gay friendliness” we’re expecting from Trump’s presidency.

And yes, we checked: there are still zero entries for “LGBT” or “LGBTQ,” either.

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  • dwes09

    Is anybody surprised (other than the clueless log cabin types who will claim we are in a “post homophobic age”…diningenuous to the end)? The man has assembled the most anti-gay administration possible. He probably does not hate gay folks, he just has no concern at all for anybody but himself (and perhaps “the fruit of his loins”).

  • godot515

    Is anyone actually surprised? After everything we have seen, read and heard over the past year from the “Prez” and his posse, I am surprised that anyone finds the beginning of the loss of civil rights and lack of acknowledgment of a portion of the American citizens unusually strange!!!! Bit by bit, taking it all apart….can you imagine what was said last Saturday in response to the worldwide “complaints” against our misogynistic poseur!!!!!!

  • GayEGO

    Trump was only interested in winning the election, not the American people. If our system of government does not resolve Trump’s actions that hurt our country, then we have some really big problems.

  • SportGuy

    Oh let me put on my surprised face.

  • He BGB

    Those idiots can delete all they want but we are here to stay.

  • cynthia_watson

    Peter Thiel said Trump was the right man for LGBT rights. I guess he meant the right man to strip away those rights.

  • ErikO

    The Obama administration deleted these pages from the white house website as that’s what the exiting President’s administration does.

  • ClayCosmic

    Why am I not surprised??! It seems that Führer Grab-’em-by-the-Pussy has no intention of honoring his pledge to protect LGBTQ folk. Like all his other purported constituents, anyone is fair-game to be thrown under the bus. The only thing he’s interested in is his own ego-gratification and self-aggrandizement. Grab-’em-by-the-Pussy and the vile Republicans are going to do everything they can to turn this country into a plutocratic, fascist, neo-feudalistic nightmare. So thanks to all the numbskulls who voted this egomaniacal asshole into the Office of POTUS. You just helped commence a New Dark Age.

  • Steven

    I was told my a distant Trumpanzee cousin who that various WH web pages are dumped each year in preparation for “updating” them and that I should “get a life.” I reminded her that they already had time to highlight Melania’s modeling accomplishments and her QVC line of jewelry. I told her to get back to me when they’ve updated those deleted pages.
    I’m still waiting.
    insert crickets chirping sound………

    • John

      Trump and Melanias pages do come first…you will see others popping up in the next few weeks. I love the way the liberals want to blame Trump for issues that are common protocol. Exhale and give a few weeks. You probably think Trump personally builds this also, just like he “tweets” all of his own tweets. You may not like him and that’s fine but stop jumping to conclusions based on fake newsstories and pundits/bloggers.

  • nmharleyrider

    Too bad Trump cannot be erased as easily as a web page

  • Kieran

    Let’s just hope President Trump hasn’t been reading gay websites like queerty. You’ve been nothing but mean-spirited, childish, obnoxious and hateful toward him and his family.

    • Wit

      Well, you know what they say – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    • FnameLname

      Oh that’s right, we’;re suppose to give “hate” a chance! Let us embrace the new Emperor and allow him to continue lying every time he speaks or tweets publicly. Not only will that not get us anywhere it creates the illusion that we are falling for his b.s. I’m sure he completely believes that he has most of America snowed and for the ones that aren’t falling for his “alternative facts” he just claims that the media is lying. How very Kim Jong Un of him. So we will not sit back and allow this miserable racist narcissist to pretend he knows what he is doing. We are certainly treating him better than Obama was treated. It is unfortunate that he had to see that many people out in protest against him but when you say things people don’t like you will get a reaction.

    • The Tower of Power

      I don’t agree with being mean-spirited; however, respect for anyone needs to be earned; it’s not an entitlement.

      So far he has insinuated Obama is not an American citizen with no documentation showing he was born abroad, attacked the character of a Pakistani-American family who lost their son in Iraq, boasted about how he can kiss and grope women without waiting for them, and mocked a reporter with disabilities for questioning his claims.

      That is no way to earn respect from people who value good manners and pluralism.

  • Kangol

    Let a few rich, foreign–preferably Russian–gays give Trumpie some emoluments in the form of business or cash, and he’ll put “gay” on the website, or anywhere else they want. It may have nothing to do with LGBTQ equality or helping or protecting us, but if his rich masters want it, it’ll find its way to the light of day.

  • Brian

    Yay for the real meaning of gay!! We’re taking it back from the Left.

    • AzLights

      You’re not doing anything of the sort. We know your brain is frozen somewhere around 1910. but language changes over time. We will continue to use the term so you’re not really taking anything back. You are merely showing right wing stupidity,

  • John

    On January 20, 2017 during the chaotic 5 hr transition from getting Obamas out and Trumps in…they (archives/historians) go in and clean all the computers down to nothing so everything on them can be saved for the archives and history. Over the next few weeks once the new administration comes in they start rebuilding (start…) there is an iutline of what goes in what order… I really do not think with everything going on the LGBTQ page is in the Top 20 priorities. If in a month it is not there then get your panties in a wad…

    • DMRX

      Neither computers nor webpages have to be wiped so that they can be archived. Ever heard of copy/paste?

  • Neonegro

    Well done President Trump.

    They march and scream “not my president”….now they want him to acknowledge them.

    He should ignore gays as they are a hostile group.

    Put Pence in charge of any LGBTQ issues.

    • Jack Meoff

      Why are you here?

    • AzLights

      Take a hike, a-hole. You’re not welcome. Go back to Breitbart where you belong.

  • TheBoyz-London

    Oh Let me act surprised. NOT! Until Baron turns out gay that is. Oh, come on, just look at him. That’s a major queen in training. Then what Donald??

    • Mo Bro

      Is it supposed to be an insult that Baron might be gay?
      Is that how you feel about us?
      Take your hate-speech elsewhere, homophobe.

  • batesmotel

    He didn’t become President to advance gay rights. This is a man who comes from the business world. Therefore, he’s only interested in boosting the economy, not gay rights. But what gay rights? Gays can get married if they want to. What else should be on there? And this is only his fourth day in office. If anyone has been paying attention to how the government works, every new President strips down the White House website and begins re-building it. And even if gay rights was on the White House website, you still wouldn’t care. You’d still hate the guy. You’d find something else, so what difference does it make?

    • Neonegro

      Bravo…bravo, you speak the truth.

    • Mo Bro

      What difference indeed.
      Trump could embrace us as rapturously as Obama did Muslims and the lefties would still be screaming about how victimized they are.

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