The White House’s LGBT rights page has been deleted already

Well this is uncomfortable.

Donald Trump has been president for roughly a few hours, and we’re already seeing the first sign of danger ahead.

It’s understandable that the new administration would revise the official White House web pages to reflect the positions of the incoming Commander in Chief, but some key pages have disappeared entirely.

Among them, the page dedicated to LGBT rights.

When the Obama administration created the page, it was used to showcase legislative/judicial achievements and policy updates affecting gay and transgender Americans. It also featured campaigns to combat suicide among young queer people, like “It Gets Better.”

Well, not any more.

Anyone trying to find the official LGBT White House page is now met with this lovely screen:

In fact, all mentions of the term “LGBT” have been scrubbed from the site entirely:

It doesn’t quite foster the same sense of inclusion as the old site, we must admit.

It’s possible the Trump team will replace the page with their own LGBT section in due time — after all, Trump has been lauded as the most “pro-gay” Republican nominee ever for president by groups like the Log Cabin Republicans.

But looking beyond Trump, whose positions, like his hair, seem to change with the breeze, it’s tough to find any encouragement that LGBTQ Americans will be high on the administration’s priorities list.

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In related and equally worrying news, all mentions of climate change have also been removed from the site.

Welcome to our new reality, where we’ll have to fight even harder for justice and truth to prevail.

h/t Tech Crunch