White Supremacist Richard Barrett’s Murder Would Be So Easily Explained If He Was a Closet Gay

It only takes a single episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent to learn that when a killer goes above-and-beyond what’s necessary to end the life of his victim, it’s personal. Somebody doesn’t just cut off your wang after you’re dead, or dress up your abdominal cavity with 64 bullets, for shits and giggles; there’s a vendetta. So what’s it say that Mississippi’s Vincent McGee, the 22-year-old confessed murder suspect, is said to have repeatedly stabbed and burned the head of 67-year-old white supremacist Richard Barrett? Yeah, this was more than just a wage dispute.

At McGee’s first hearing in what should be a lengthy legal undertaking,

In his first statement, Deputy Bailey said McGee told him he went to use his Facebook account at Barrett’s house and Barrett made a sexual advance toward him so he killed him. But in his second statement, the Deputy said McGee told him, “he went to confront Barrett about some money… they got into an argument about the money and Barrett dropped his pants and asked him to perform a sexual act. He hit him with a radio… grabbed a knife, wrapped a belt around his hands, and kept stabbing him until he quit moving.”

At least he wasn’t signing on to Rentboy? And because we just love ourselves some speculation,

Mark Potok with the Southern Poverty Law Center, who follows hate crimes and the white supremaicst movement, told us “if in fact McGee was propositioned, approached in that way, by Barrett, he might have been beyond shocked, he might have been repelled in a way that went beyond some kind of shock.” But Potok says nobody should be surprised that a white supremacist would proposition an African American. He says being gay is one of the greatest hypocracy among white supremacists. “It is unbelievably common in the white supremacist world to find people who are desperately anti-gay but secretly gay….We’ve seen a good number of white supremacist leaders who have actually been tossed out of the movement when it was found that they were in fact engaged in gay relationships with men,” Potok said.

I can already picture Criminal Intent‘s writers crafting a plot where Jeff Goldblum gets to the proverbial bottom of things.

[Randi Kaye/CNN]

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  • Kieran

    Another case of “Gay panic syndrome”. Sounds like a smart defense to me. The one thing both black and white bigots can all agree on is that a queer deserves the death penalty.

  • Sam

    Man, what is with closeted gay guys surrounding themselves with people who hate them? If Barrett hadn’t been killed by this guy, he eventually would have been killed by one of those sociopathic neo-Nazis he hung around. Not to excuse this murder, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he had some kind of death wish.

    Incidentally, when a black guy murders a white supremacist, I can think of at least one other explanation for the overkill besides “racist must have been gay.”

  • Dame Helga von Ornstein

    Back in the early 1990’s an out of the closet gay man had set up a gay white supremacist group in Texas based on the Nazi doctrine. He died of AIDS (proof God does not like ugly and no personal offense to those who are suffering from the disease) but he had managed to get the group up and going.

    I can not remember what magazine I read it in but a Google, Bing and Ask.com search has turned up nothing. Does anyone in Texas remember this group or that guy? He was a very good looking guy but had social frustration written all over his face. BUT HE DID EXIST. I am kicking myself for not keeping that magazine article now because no one seems to remember it. It was either Time, Newsweek or something along those lines. Damn, I wish I could find it.

    I think it long overdue that a docu-drama about Ernst Rohm and how were it not for him Hitler would have NEVER come to power be put into production. The Military Channel does mention Rhome and his brown shirted SA but it does not give an in-depth look at him as a documentary would. As they say people, sometimes OUR very members mean us more harm than good and the very thing they help create is what exposes their hypocrisy and leads to their down fall. Rhome actually stuck out his chest, raised his hand and yelled “Heil Hitler” as he was pumped with three bullets on orders from that very man he saluted. These people have serious problems.

    Can someone please help me remember this guy in Texas? I know it did happen. Thank you.


    Prosecution in this case must be careful with his justification. This is an easy one to get off with or get a reduced sentence. These people will say anything to evade proportionate punishment.

  • ousslander

    Sounds like both queerty and potok support the gay panic defense when it comes to murder. way to go

  • petrov

    I’m not buying this story at all, and it’s more shocking that because he was a white supremacist his “gay panic” murder is being justified.

  • Nom

    Try googling a book called “The Pink Swasti.ka” it’s available online. It’s clearly written by an anti-homosexualist, but it does point you to a lot of source material that offers some insight into the relationship between the gay rights movement and the rise of the national socialist movement in 19th and 20th century germany. The author tends to argue that there was an intra-movement conflict that (to oversimplify) came down to “Butches” vs “Fems.” The “Fems” were led by a prominent Jewish man, while the “Butch” group’s leadership also contained many later na/zi leaders. It suggests that the persecution of homosexuals was focused towards the more “effeminate” side of the community. Interesting, if true, in the ways you can see this divide persisting in many ways today. One of the groups even called themselves the “Society for Human Rights” which is kinda funny, considering. nvm


    @Dame Helga von Ornstein: Glad to see you back, thought you might have gone into the witness protection program! :-p

  • Dame Helga von Ornstein

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: No, things aren’t that bad. Yet, at least. I laid off commenting because I disagree with comments being rated and then removed because of low ratings.

    It seems a lot easier to simply block the person from commenting on the site than to say more or less the readers did not like what you had to say and we agree so we are banishing your comment. At least that is how it comes off to me. It is borderline censorship and that is what worries me about blogs and the communities they target. I have been banned from several sites and do not care. My opinion is my opinion and so is yours.

    We all, whether we like it or not, need to remember there are those out there with different opinions in the gay community. Who ever you are(and I think I know who you are ) it is nice to hear from you too.

  • Hilarious

    Wow. Second time this is posted and once again Queerty commenters are defending a white supremacist who would murder them.

    What makes you feel sympathy for him exactly? The fact that his murderer was black?

    Why don’t you go to Stormfront and read up on what white supremacists think you us gay men and then decide if you really want to shed tears over this piece of shit.

    Nothing of value was lost.

  • Hilarious

    Oh and here’s a little proof for the out of whack non-believers who think they’re safe because their skin is white:


    Originally Posted by WhiteTemplar View Post
    I hate it when fags push their sexuality into my face.”

    Reply: “I think I’d shoot ’em for that!”

    So there you go.

    Keep defending these monsters if you want.

  • Kieran

    Hilarious, you still don’t seem to grasp that those of us who want to live in a CIVILIZED society CAN’T AND WON’T condone a savage MURDER. That goes for whether it’s a black killing a white racist, or a white killing a black racist. And it especially goes in this case when the murderer claims he only stabbed and burned the head of his victim because he was gay. Take your head out of your ass and realize that YOU, as a gay man, could have been this guy’s victim.

  • james_in_cambridge

    @Hilarious: I’m still with you. Good riddance to Nazi trash.

    Has anyone considered (and this is obviously just good ol’ speculation) that they may have already been sexually involved? Everyone obviously knows the confused and tortured history of the South in terms of race relations but I wonder how many people know that racists down there, going all the way back to slave owners, often had sexual relations with Blacks, both men and women, sometimes consensual, often through rape. I wouldn’t be surprised if this case was just a continuation of that tortured history. The man accused of the murder is young, very attractive, very rough-trade looking and had been in jail (meaning he’d probably had some homosexual contact already) so this might have been some kind of spat, lovers spat or trick & john.

    Anyway, good bye Nazi & burn in hell.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Filthy Aryan scumbag got what he deserved. It would have been even funnier if his assailant — who should get a medal of honor, not a conviction — was Jewish.

    Killing a Nazi is not, I repeat, NOT, a crime. There is such a thing as justifiable homicide. The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi, and Nazi Hunters are heroes of mine. If I had the time, money, and weapons I would hunt neo-Nazis in the same manner that Sarah Palin hunts moose.

    @Nom: That rag is written by Scott Lively, a virulent homophobe who pulls shit out of his ass to link the glorious fight for our rights to the vile cracker Krauts who murdered thousands of us in the Holocaust by citing Ernst Rohm’s homosexuality as evidence that gays were behind the Nazis. Conveniently left out is the fact that Hitler had Rohm killed and used his sexuality as justification in Nazi propaganda.

    This goy breeder is also among the many gentile supporters of the planned Ugandan Homocaust.

    The fact that he tries to link gays to Nazis makes you think he would have a problem with Nazism. But he doesn’t. He practices it actively, but knows that ignorant people who should know better, and are capable of knowing better, but don’t, will link gays to Nazism if he just says it long enough, loud enough, and fakes the research hard enough.


  • Thomas Reiter

    Richard Barrett was a Vietnam Veteran decorated with two purple hearts, a Supreme Court winning attorney, author, publisher, activist and friend. There is no evidence what so ever that Richard was gay unless you believe the black, murdering gang member let out of prison early who killed Richard. -And the only reason he is saying it of course is to skate on the hate crimes charge.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is an anti-White hate group whom Richard Barrett beat in court on multiple occasions and who seeks to slander him in death in a way they would never have gotten away with while Richard was alive. They’re always for the hate crimes charge unless it is a black person killing a white person such as this case.

    Marxist liberals have forced “homosexual rights” on the majority for 50 years always saying they can do anything anyone else does, but their greatest lie is saying that there are many in the white nationalist side who are gay. It really is a pipe dream of theirs after all. I mean they hate us in public but have always longed to lick our boots…

    The SPLC sides with black murderers, like the US Supreme Court, I side with Richard Barrett.

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