White Supremacist Richard Barrett’s Murder Would Be So Easily Explained If He Was a Closet Gay

It only takes a single episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent to learn that when a killer goes above-and-beyond what’s necessary to end the life of his victim, it’s personal. Somebody doesn’t just cut off your wang after you’re dead, or dress up your abdominal cavity with 64 bullets, for shits and giggles; there’s a vendetta. So what’s it say that Mississippi’s Vincent McGee, the 22-year-old confessed murder suspect, is said to have repeatedly stabbed and burned the head of 67-year-old white supremacist Richard Barrett? Yeah, this was more than just a wage dispute.

At McGee’s first hearing in what should be a lengthy legal undertaking,

In his first statement, Deputy Bailey said McGee told him he went to use his Facebook account at Barrett’s house and Barrett made a sexual advance toward him so he killed him. But in his second statement, the Deputy said McGee told him, “he went to confront Barrett about some money… they got into an argument about the money and Barrett dropped his pants and asked him to perform a sexual act. He hit him with a radio… grabbed a knife, wrapped a belt around his hands, and kept stabbing him until he quit moving.”

At least he wasn’t signing on to Rentboy? And because we just love ourselves some speculation,

Mark Potok with the Southern Poverty Law Center, who follows hate crimes and the white supremaicst movement, told us “if in fact McGee was propositioned, approached in that way, by Barrett, he might have been beyond shocked, he might have been repelled in a way that went beyond some kind of shock.” But Potok says nobody should be surprised that a white supremacist would proposition an African American. He says being gay is one of the greatest hypocracy among white supremacists. “It is unbelievably common in the white supremacist world to find people who are desperately anti-gay but secretly gay….We’ve seen a good number of white supremacist leaders who have actually been tossed out of the movement when it was found that they were in fact engaged in gay relationships with men,” Potok said.

I can already picture Criminal Intent‘s writers crafting a plot where Jeff Goldblum gets to the proverbial bottom of things.

[Randi Kaye/CNN]