Whitney Houston On Her Gay Pride Perfomance, Lesbian Rumors And More

Back in 1999, Whitney Houston performed at the Pier Dance, the signature closing event at New York City’s gay Pride weekend. Though not so much anymore, it was something of a tradition for top-tier divas to make surprise appearances at the event, with queens throughout the city placing bets on who would grace the stage. (Other divas who performed at the Pier Dance include Janet Jackson,  Jennifer Lopez and Cyndi Lauper.)

In a chat with MTV’s John Norris (remember him?), Houston discusses her appearance at Pride—”what I received was lots of love. Mad love.”—but makes it clear she’s not family. “It’s their pride they’re celebrating…I’m just there to entertain.”

The interview also reminds us that once upon a time, a gay dance remix could make or break a pop star’s album. “The clubs are happening. People—the gay community keeps them happening,” she tells Norris. “It’s where they go to release, to get their stuff off. And they like to hear music—good bangin’ music.”

Thank you, Whitney, for the years of good banging’ music.


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  • jason

    Whitney was wonderful. But what a sad, tragic end to a glorious career! I feel so sorry for her daughter.

  • mattsy

    she was family

  • christopher di spirito

    A towering vocal talent. Every once in a generation someone like Whitney comes along with such mad skills. Her music will live on and yes, Whitney will be missed.

  • William

    Dear God this is beautiful. I never even knew she had this side to her.

    Cannot believe we lost her.

  • nikko

    Boy she’s quick to deny she’s gay in this video-hmmm, defensive much?!

  • Kevin

    Whitney was gay-and I’m so sorry for her loss. Condolences to her daughter, Mom and Robyn Crawford. Loves her video of “I’m every woman”-she’s got a cheeky grn and a sparkle in her eyes. Thanks Whitney, sleep peacefully.

  • CBRad

    @Kevin: She was a lesbian, yes, and it would have been very cool if she’d come out. But I won’t hold that against her. Only closeted public-homophobes should be outed and criticized.

  • donatella

    If she were gay, that demon did help kill her

  • Barbara

    She was family, whether the rumours were true or not, she was and still is a huge part of the gay community.

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