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Who Are These Scottish Men Importing African Guys for Sexual Slavery?

I am just waking up (I blame time zones, you’ll blame drinking) and the first email I open is a link one of you folks sent to a story from Rod’s blog about two African men in their 20s being trafficked into Scotland, where they thought they had jobs waiting for them, but one was forced to do porn and the other sold into the sex trade?

There’s going to be lots of careful (or, more probably, disgusting) discussion about this, because these men are African — which is itself a huge category of people, and the report doesn’t narrow down from which countries the men are from, a major oversight — and we’re talking about sexual slavery here, and that’s a buzzword if there ever was one. But I am both fascinated and disgusted by the whole premise of the forced sex trade, and now here’s a report that talks about how even some disturbed straight guys like buying forced sex from men, because it’s a power thing.