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Who Are These Scottish Men Importing African Guys for Sexual Slavery?

I am just waking up (I blame time zones, you’ll blame drinking) and the first email I open is a link one of you folks sent to a story from Rod’s blog about two African men in their 20s being trafficked into Scotland, where they thought they had jobs waiting for them, but one was forced to do porn and the other sold into the sex trade?

There’s going to be lots of careful (or, more probably, disgusting) discussion about this, because these men are African — which is itself a huge category of people, and the report doesn’t narrow down from which countries the men are from, a major oversight — and we’re talking about sexual slavery here, and that’s a buzzword if there ever was one. But I am both fascinated and disgusted by the whole premise of the forced sex trade, and now here’s a report that talks about how even some disturbed straight guys like buying forced sex from men, because it’s a power thing.

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  • Fitz

    And how pathetic are you before you would use a SLAVE, (a real one, not the pretend Folsom street ones) for sex? how f’ing disgusting are you?

  • Cam

    Stories like this are so sad. I remember reading about the people trafficked out of Nepal into India and forced to work in brothels, and the girls in Eastern Europe tricked, sometimes by friends, then being kidnapped and sold across europe before ending up in illegal brothels somewhere. Any story like this is just so sick and depressing, I hope the people that did this to the kids end up in jail and every dime they have ends up in the two victimes bank accounts.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    These is too sad.

    It happens too much as you’ve pointed out Cam.

  • Jon

    This sounds really hot. I wish I could get a hot Australian sex slave, or maybe a Brazilian.

  • j

    @Jon: Judging by your attitude that’s the only sex you’ll be getting you creep.

  • Torotot

    It is something like having forced sex with someone being caught by your wife.Darn!

  • reason

    It’s a reminder of how wicked some people in the world are, one of the reasons I will never be a pacifist is because evil does exists. Attacking a continent that has faced so much strife is revolting, preying on one of the most fragile and voiceless communities in the world is the embodiment of evil. I am a capitalist, but I am about bare knuckles with people close to the affluence as oneself, but praying on the weakest is unscrupulous.

  • nardo

    Sadness isn’t? Why do people do things like that!

  • bruno

    Pitiable, hope they pay for this.

  • Brando

    Very scarry. I dowanna go outside.

  • cynthia


  • emil

    this is freak

  • Gino

    Lets build a clan for our voices to be heard!!

  • Bisexual-Transwoman

    Nobody that’s heterosexual has sex with a man, or “gets off” on having sex with a man.

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