Who da ho? IDAHO!

Today marks the 2nd annual International Day Against Homophobia (aka IDAHO), a worldwide effort to raise awareness and provoke action against anti-gay bigotry. Around here in Queertyland, it’s always the International Day Against Homophobia, as we’re a bunch of screaming queens living in various countries around the globe, constantly bitching about the infringements of our rights. Although usually it’s not homophobia we’re pissed about, it’s something stupid like another blog stealing our story or one of our interns getting us regular Coke instead of Diet. But once in a while we do think of something legit. And we’re all for providing a day for encouraging others join in on the fun.

In honor of the IDAHOness, we repost the following from March: Top 10 Worst Countries For Gay People. In light of the recent attacks in St Maarten, we’re reminded that just because gay people in big US cities aren’t faced with old-school homophobia, it’s not out there messing things up for someone else. And while we have every right to lead happy lives and not feel guilty about it, there are also many ways we can remember we all once faced these issues as well. And we will again someday, to be sure.

So go, be gay, be gay-friendly, whatever, participate in an event or just be proud all on your own. But remember to stop and help someone else along the way once in a while. Change starts with one person doing one thing.

International Day Against Homophobia [site]