Who Do People Listen To On Twitter More: Ricky Martin Or Lance Bass?

Because we’ll take any opportunity to rank homosexuals, the new service Twitalyzer offers a new twist on measuring a Twitter user’s influence. Rather than just look at the number of followers (a seriously flawed methodology), Twitalyzer takes into account how often a user’s name is mentioned in tweets by other people, including retweets — which the company argues is a more accurate gauge of someone’s influence. So we decided to match up a few well known gays, as well as a few well known Gay Inc. groups, to see who’s leading the pack. Above, Ricky Martin v. Lance Bass.


And it wouldn’t be fair without pegging Queerty against, say, Ellen Degeneres. Fine, woman, you’re cooler than us!

Now go check out Twitalyzer and see if you have any web bragging rights.