Who Do We Have To Tweet To Make World Of Wonder’s Hot Gay-Blogger List?

Yesterday, the boys at World of Wonder released their list of cyber-crushes—”the bloggers, tumblrs and Internet freaks that we visit every day”—and we’re still crying into our fruitcake that we didn’t make the list.

We know we don’t get out of the blogcave very often so we’re pretty pale and doughy. But our mom tells us we’re cute as the dickens!

Queer bloggerists who did get a shoutout include Dlisted‘s Michael K, Peter from Pjyak and dreamy DILF John from SissyDude (the three lads on our feature image), as well as Jared from Just Jared (below), Andy Towle from Towleroad, Brian Moylan of Gawker, Buzzfeed’s Matt Stopera (above) and Rich from FourFour (who totally cheated by including a photo of his kitty. We have two cats!)

WoW even gave smooches to girl bloggers—girls!—like the ladies of Jezebel, GoFugYourself and Teacups & Couture.

Excuse us while we go eat an entire panettone.

We kid, of course—we love all these boys and girls and wish them much joy and love in 2012.

But if one of them should have a mildly disfiguring accident in the new year we wouldn’t mind.

Images via DListed, Just Jared, Matt Stopera, SissyDude, Piyak