Who Does Kevin Michael Barba Think He Is—Kim Kardashian?

We got a strange notice in our inbox today from someone purporting to represent Kevin Michael Barba, an 18-year-old gayby and newly minted royalty in New York’s gay social scene. So new, in fact, that we’ve never heard of him—and we’ve heard of everybody.

Don’t worry, though, Barba’s people are on it. They are hiring a P.R. firm to get the word out.  From Gawker:

Kevin Michael Barba is an openly gay, up and coming New York socialite who is currently seeking the help of a PR firm to help him gain recognition and press opportunities. Mr. Barba currently travels between homes in Manhattan, Palm Beach, and The Northfork of Long Island. With millions of dollars at his disposal, this 18 year old personality is ready to move to the forefront of society and let his personality, style, and panache grab headlines.

Well we did some investigative journalism (read: we typed Barba’s name into Google) and discovered this vital info:
  • He’s a Scorpio who hails from Suffolk Country, Long Island
  • He’s studying interior design at Parsons.
  • He co-directed an amateur production of The Wild Party
  • He’s been known to spend $250 on pillowcases
  • He’s a Renthead

Wow, if Logo ever does an underage version of The A List (and they totally should) he’d be the Derek.