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Who Doesn’t Need A Sexy Latin Sizzle Now And Then?

Clever13Who doesn’t appreciate a little Latin sex appeal from time to time? The Underwear Expert does, especially when it’s in the form of model Aaron Valenzuela wearing Clever underwear. The sexy latin brand has a lot of passion and a lot of zest, just like our ideal Rico Suave. And while Clever is by no means an erotic brand, they know how to make erotic looks from sporty thongs to sensual sheer boxers. Because when it comes to Clever, nothing trumps a sexy latin style.

Jerrad Matthew’s latest Underwear Expert exclusive gets up close and person with both of Clever’s ends. Take the Standford Sporty Thong, for example. You don’t need to know its name to see it’s one of the more athletically styled pair Aaron models. Contrasting blue stripes accent the white pouch and waistband, and that all you see in the shot — the thong style leaves all of Aaron’s side and hips exposed.

Other Clever looks tease you with the same pieces of skin, and pretend like they don’t mean to. The Jasper Boxer is wildly hot with contrasting panels of sheer that are semi see-through and very see-through. Even more see-through than that is the Desire Latin Brief. You can see everything the sexy latin briefs don’t cover, which is probably why Aaron grabs himself in the pair.

We also can’t forget Clever’s Denim Line. Equal parts clothing and optical illusion, the faux denim designs are fun and body-defining, and fit better than any pair of jeans could. And we don’t mind being tricked into thinking they’re the most perfect jorts ever. Fool us once, shame on us. Fool us twice, and it’s time to buy a pair.

You can see more of Aaron Valenzuela and his Clever underwear on The Underwear Expert.

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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

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