Who Had The Most Memorable Coming Out Of 2014?

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 12.04.16 PM2014 was a good year for big coming out stories, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s as great a time as ever to be gay. But some closet door bustdowns are more memorable than others. Which one reigns supreme? You decide!

Sports got a whole lot gayer this year, especially with Ian Thorpe and the highly publicized Michael Sam. Sam may have just been cut from the Dallas Cowboys, but he may wind up playing in the NFL eventually if he keeps at it. And besides, he’s a household name now so we’re sure there’s bright things on his horizon.

Good Morning America host Robin Roberts may have barely had a 2013 coming out, but just by a hair. We were impressed by her candid statement after beating breast cancer, when she thanked her girlfriend. Were you impressed also?

Actress Ellen Page’s sexuality may have been an open secret, but she thought it was important to speak her truth, citing a “personal obligation and social responsibility.”

In the political sphere, conservative GOP spokesman James Richardson may not have made any friends by coming out, but he took a big step in revealing that gay people are everywhere, even in the Republican party.

And then of course there’s Kale. As much as we welcome the cruciferous green into our community, we always hate to see when someone (or something) is outed unwillingly. Madonna has always been a supporter of the gays, so we were surprised when she let the world know the truth about Kale.

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