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Who Is Going To Win “Drag Race?” Our Dragxperts Break Down The Odds

Our panel of experts agreed unanimously that Bianca Del Rio and BenDeLaCreme should be among the Final 3.
Our panel of experts agreed unanimously that Bianca Del Rio and BenDeLaCreme should be among the Final 3.

Now that we are several weeks into Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and some of the amateurish contestants have been sent packing, we have seen enough to weigh in on how the competition is sizing up. So we here at Queerty asked our Facebook friends some Drag Race experts to cast their opinions about each contestant’s performance so far, and what they’ll have to do to win the crown.

The critiquing panel:

Nilla Waifer

Miss Priss Summer

Nyna Cloque

Scarlet Heart

Dorothy Chapel



Bianca Del Rio

Nyna: Loved the Judge Judy, but her runway looks are weak. She will be Final 3 but she is funnier than she is beautiful.

Dorothy: I really like Bianca for her commentary. I think she’s going to win. I have some friends in Fire Island that said she won. But has the winner been officially picked? Or do they only know who the final three is until the end? 

Nilla: At first Bianca’s jokes were like bad Don Rickles rejects. But she’s relaxed and getting into the groove. I like her a lot more now than at the beginning. She is so polished and confident, I feel like she already won the whole thing.

Scarlet: Bianca is far and away my favorite. But I think this week with the hip hop challenge, it will be her first (and only) time she’ll stumble a little bit.



Nilla: DeLa isn’t creating her brand like the other contestants are. She’s really good at everything, but maybe it’s a little too perfect. Drag queens need to throw in a little drama. She’ll be the queen who wins, but then disappears while all the other contestants become more popular after the show.

Miss Priss: DeLa is fabulous. But it’s possible that in some of these challenges she could have trouble because she has such a well-defined stage persona. It is the one thing that could work against her in the hip hop challenge, I think.

Nyna: I think BenDeLaCreme is lovely. Always pulls it off with great style. At first I thought she was just Michelle Visage’s twin brother but she has now done other looks successfully.

Scarlet: I don’t see anything stopping her. For this week, DeLa’s experience with theater and music should put her in a fantastic position for the hip hop challenge, given that this challenge requires you to construct a character AND rap.

Dorothy: She’s the best drag queen in the cast but she’s too nice.


Courtney Act

Scarlet: Courtney has been consistent but underwhelming in my opinion. I was expecting great things when I found out that she was part of this cast, but I’ve yet to be wowed. In the “Rusical” challenge, the singing was good but it wasn’t amazing. I think Courtney will be safe this week, she has the chops to create an illusion and I’m sure she won’t have a problem with the rapping aspect either.

Nyna: She’s giving me Olivia Newton John realness with the Aussie bit. I can’t believe anyone’s legs look like that. She’s fishier than Long John Silvers on Good Friday.

Miss Priss: Courtney has really grown on me, both as a performer and because she seems like a genuinely nice person. When Darienne was saying she should go on The Biggest Loser so she could find a nice man, and Courtney said, “You can find yourself a nice man looking just like that…” she won me over completely.

Dorothy: I don’t give a shit if she can’t make costumes or do impressions of celebrities. I would fuck Courtney Act. In drag, out of drag, either way.



Scarlet: Milk’s in trouble. After last week’s challenge AND runway disaster (gender bending if all fine and dandy if you do it well) that should have earned her a spot in the bottom two, she’s got a lot of work to do. Unfortunately, I cannot see this challenge going her way. She’s already stated that she won’t compromise her look and be glamorous, which is something that’s almost a requirement. Your expiration date’s getting closer, girl.

Miss Priss: I had high hopes for Milk because I dig her aesthetic, and that line in her pre-show interview video about a subtle lip cracked me up. But she really has been pretty lackluster. In retrospect, it makes some sense — with a background as a figure skater, she’s used to conveying all of her performance through what she’s able to present visually, and not really all that used to speaking, or singing, or rapping or anything else verbal. And that answer last week about being afraid of being laughed at for the wrong reasons was so insecure and sad! I’d like to see her pull it together, but she doesn’t seem to have long to do it and I’m not holding my breath for it.

Dorothy: People like Milk just because he’s so hot as a guy.

Nilla: Milk says she’s too insecure to try to be “beautiful” so she can laugh at her own joke instead of getting laughed at. But if you look at Milk’s Instagram page, it’s filled with photos (example 1) (example 2) of her looking gorgeous. There are beautiful photos of her everywhere. Here’s another shot:

This is the same person who dressed up as Pinnochio with breasts? When did she start looking this good — before or after the show? I have a theory that it’s all an act and she’s purposely making herself stick out as the freak, so she can have a big glam reveal and everyone can think she is soooooo brave for trying to look pretty, when it was her evil plan all along. I call bullshit.

Nyna: I’m not feeling it, not as cool as Sharon Needles. NEXT!


Adore Delano

Scarlet: Pretty sure Adore’s got it in the bag this week. If you’ve seen the preview of her rap…

…there’s no denying that she’ll be in the top for the week, if not win the whole thing. After a shaky start, it looks like Adore’s finally getting her shit together.

Miss Priss: I find Adore oddly endearing, even though she’s a hot mess. She’s kind of like a Labrador retriever puppy — if you can stand to get through this early phase of her drag life with her chewing up all your shoes and pissing on the rug, you might end up with something really lovely. I think Ru also sees a ton of potential in her and that’s why she’s been so forgiving of Adore’s missteps.

Dorothy: Who really thinks Adore can win? Even Adore doesn’t think Adore can win.

Nyna: Adore Delano gets points from me for the flawless Anna Nicole Smith last week. Also points for knowing who killed Selena?!? She will be a star.


Joslyn Fox

Scarlet: I don’t know if she’ll be as solid as Adore this week, but this might be Joslyn’s first trip to the top of the pack. She truly is a “black horse” in the competition and I’m always entertained when she’s on screen. One thing’s for sure, she’s got Miss Congeniality in the bag this year.

Dorothy: Joslyn is fucking hilarious. She’s like the kid from your high school that you didn’t pay attention to but then you look back and wish you had been friends.

Miss Priss: Joslyn seems to have a kind of sly wittiness under all the ditziness — a bit of Gracie Allen to that one, I think. I’ve liked her ever since the first ep when she pretended to lift up a boob and honked. I’m really rooting for Joslyn at this point. She’s a black horse!

Nyna: Which one is Joslyn? Seriously I don’t remember her.


Trinity K Bonet

Scarlet: After her personal revelation last week, I hope that Trinity has gotten enough off of her chest to really start getting to work. While her runway looks are always on point, her challenge performances are usually only okay. My hope for this week is that she leaves her flipper out and serves us some serious flow.

Nyna: I will be shocked if she lasts two more weeks.

Dorothy: If the T in T-cell stands for “talent,” she seems to be running low.

Miss Priss: That Princess Amidala getup she did in the first challenge was really unexpected and delightful — would love to see her do more adventurous stuff like that. But I don’t see her doing well in the hip hop challenge.


Darienne Lake

Scarlet: Darienne, like Courtney, was another one that I was expecting great things out of. And while she slayed the Drag Me To Hell challenge, she’s just been…meh. Her Paula Deen was quite good and I wonder why she wasn’t praised more for it. This week, I think Darienne’s in trouble again.

Nyna:  I want to cuddle with her. Motorboat her titties and karaoke Adele with her. Pulling for her.

Miss Priss: I had high hopes for Darienne as well but she’s got a really bitter, nasty streak when someone outdoes her that’s really unpleasant. She’s faded since the beginning as well.

Nilla: I feel like Darienne is better than the show is editing in. Her Paula Deen in “Snatch Game” could’ve won in another season when the other contestants weren’t so good. It’s just the editors aren’t focusing on her right now.



Laganja Estranja

Miss Priss: Ugh. What a childish mess. Can’tstandja! The sooner she goes home, the better.

Nilla: Did Logo have a clause in their contracts that they couldn’t take their psych meds while filming? Laganja needs hers.

Scarlet: There is so much to say and so little time. Laganja is very talented and her runway look last week was actually my favorite. However, she tries so hard to be something that she’s not that it comes across extremely aggravating. Couple that with her massive emotional issues and you have someone you just don’t have patience with anymore. Really girl, I can’t.

Dorothy: The bitch is having a nervous breakdown on TV. I hope she gets kicked off soon just so she can go home and get some help.

Nyna: Her body is to die for, but otherwise she’s nothing to write home about. Cuter as a boy. And I’m dying for his Big Boy hairdo in his interview segments.