Who Is “Soldier X”, TIME Magazine’s Unknown DADT Blogger?

“As a young, gay officer who is currently serving on active duty, I have been waiting years for the day when I can show up to work and not have to lie about what I did on the weekend or the gay circle of friends I spend much of my free time with. As you can undoubtedly imagine, I was anxious to hear what my superiors had to say on the subject of the post-repeal military…

“I listened intently while trying to look as if I was barely paying attention. I looked to see how everyone else was reacting only to mimic their posture, their level of attentiveness, and their own reactions to the conversation.

“A good friend of mine, also gay, was standing next to me… We barely looked at each other the entire time. His posture was much like mine, only he didn’t laugh. He didn’t smile. There was a cold emptiness in him which I had rarely seen before. I guess that was his way of not drawing attention to himself…

“While the “training objective” was met that day, the real training did not take place in that room. In almost every instance since, when someone has made a homophobic comment, the problem has been self-policed… Whether or not they mean it is a moot point. The fact is, the seed has been planted in their minds, and they know what they are saying is wrong – and probably have for a while.”

– Soldier X, TIME magazine‘s new blogger, still closeted in the military and blogging anonymously about the DADT repeal until its actual instatement.