Who Killed Gay Seattle Hairdresser Danny Vega?

Almost two weeks ago, three Seattle teens attacked 58-year-old Filipino-American hairdresser Danny Vega just four blocks away from his home and salon. They beat him unconscious, took his cell phone and keys, and left him hospitalized with severe injuries to his kidneys, liver and brain. Later, he fell into a coma and got put on life-support. Yesterday he died.

His family thinks he was targeted for being gay but police say they lack evidence for a hate crime. What’s worse, the police don’t seem to have arrested anyone in connection with the attack.

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  • Clint Riley

    Please forgive my LOL. I actually clicked on the button because I was disgusted that someone had actually done so before me and wanted to see who it actually was. I’m so saddened and disheartened that someone, anyone, would be so vicious and cruel.

  • newcityspot


  • chink change

    My prayers go out to his remains. It’s sad when people get left behind.

  • Liu Chau Yin

    He probably wasn’t beaten to a pulp because he was gay. He was most likely beaten to an unrecognizable pulp because he was an older Asian. There are gangs of non-Asian minority thugs that prey upon older Asians in that area and the Seattle Police Department know about it and are doing NOTHING at all other than issuing condolence statements and doing desultory “investigations”. There have been over a dozen of these incidents this year alone.

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