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Who Knew Refuting FRC’s ‘Top 10 Myths About Homosexuality’ Could Be So Entertaining?

“I don’t know about you, but every time I hear the word ‘family’ in any American organization, a sudden chill goes down my spine as if I’m about to hear the mindless bigoted bile you’ve ever heard spouting out of a human being’s mouth,” says veteran YouTuber Richard Coughlan as he introduces his rebuttal to the Family Research Council’s “Top 10 Myths About Homosexuality,” from the wonderful Peter Sprigg, or as Coughlan describes him, “some shit stain pubic clown.” It only goes uphill from there.

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  • scribe

    The best 16:52 minutes I have ever spent, outside that time two twinks tried to tie me down. This dude is a genius and I’m in total love with him.

  • ChristianNH

    I totally agree. This guy is great. I could not stop laughing.

  • Biff

    Made me wanna grab my bottle of Ritalin. Ah, my ADHD brethren in action: Brilliant, charming and spastic. Great job Richard.

  • Jeffree

    I hope the FRC fans get to see this so they recognize how their own words can be used against them. Something tells me they have no sense of humor, though.

  • Yuriy

    LOLZ… using a sandpaper condom?! HAHA

  • Brutus

    I love the content, but the presentation is hurried and visually unpleasant. Please have Rachel Maddow or Jon Stewart deliver it.

  • B

    No. 5 · Yuriy wrote, “LOLZ… using a sandpaper condom?! HAHA”

    …. that’s why the ancient Israelites called it an abomination. They lived in a desert and sand got into everything, including whatever they used for lube.

  • Sean

    Coughlan is an absolutely amazing person. Occasionally in a pretty bad way, but amazing nonetheless, and in pretty good form in this video.

  • CT

    How absolutely iritating.


    This is so very excellent. Because you just know these rightwing lunatic nutbags take themselves and their “facts and figures” so very seriously……..You know they troll the Gay blogs and shit like this causes their vile heads to explode in rage……..

    @Jeffree:”Something tells me they have no sense of humor, though” Ya think?? :p

    I am sure their holiday parties must be simply an all out laughfest! I think you should try and get booked at one…………please let me know if you do, would love to see their faces seeing a sassy Gay comic give them a good verbal bitch slap………..

  • Casey

    Is this one of those gay videos like the one where they say polyester is also unnatural?

  • obiwan

    Does the “F” in FRC stand for Fascist thug?

  • Stephen Thorn

    Richard Coughlan appears to be very wise & witty…I loved his accompanying facial expressions and hand gestures (when he was making a particular point). I truly hope the Family Research Council members, especially Peter Sprigg, watch Coughlan’s rebuttal to their ridiculous “Top 10 Myths About Homosexuality”…if nothing else, this video might open their eyes to how ludicrous their (false) claims are!

  • GayBachelorBlog

    I love this! Posting it for sure! Hehe, sandpaper condom! Puhlease!

  • Brentinpdx

    FRC – Fucking Retarded Christians.

  • Artemis Eneldo

    Great point about the 9th Commandment! They do bear false witness everyday!

  • Jaroslaw

    I can understand why people like Coughlan do these kinds of rebuttals – and they need to be done. But in a way they are also “useless”. They preach to the choir. Obviously people like Peter Sprigg do not care about facts or truth and are in the “job” they do denigrating Gay people for the money & power. The base that Christian hate organizations speak to never ever think for themselves or listen to the other side. Or if they do listen, it is simply to find talking points to argue why they are “moraly” right, reinforcing ONLY what they already believe. I mean, you could never assert “the earth is flat” or similar ridiculous things but Christian fundies do it all the time. Lastly, when Sprigg says things like “I’d like to export homosexuals from the USA, he must make the USA look absolutely retarded to the rest of the planet!” Absolutely unbelieveable.


    @Jaroslaw: You are correct, the best way to combat these asshats is to simply point out the absurd rhetoric that they spew….However these rebuttals aren’t so useless. Many of these rightwing lunatics scour Gay sites to see what is posted about them. Maggot Gallagher has admitted to viewing Queerty posts and has engaged in multiple dialouges with Jeremey Hooper from Good As You………they are aware of what is posted here……..And I like to think that these things at the very least annoy the shit out of them……… :p

    PS: Enjoy the holidays and have a great new year…………

  • Jaroslaw

    Plays well – thanks for the kind words – but I was careful to say “in a way”. Have you ever tried to dialogue with a true fundy? Hopeless! That is what I meant.

  • mikey

    love what he’s saying, but am I the only one who thinks the guy is tweaking?

  • Jaroslaw

    what is tweaking?


    @Jaroslaw: Yes I have attempted to reason with a rightwing lunatic (sometimes right here on Queerty :p)………You have a better chance with a 3 year old……….

  • Daez

    There are absolutely no Christian organizations in Europe that are full of homophobia. None at all, its an American concept.

    Sprigg is a lunatic. He twists facts around so completely much that anyone with an ounce of education can see he is doing it. People like this prey on stupid and vulnerable uneducated people. As more and more people obtain higher education (or at least graduate high school) more and more people will see right through him.

  • Daez

    @Jaroslaw: You are so completely wrong. What you need to take into account in order to believe what you are saying is that churches never lose members (oh wait, churches are hemorrhaging members) and churches never change (oh wait a great deal of churches are changing their position on homosexuality) and that no one has ever became more supportive of gays and lesbians through education (which is also completely bogus because studies show that more people are becoming accepting continuously).

    Its videos like this that attempt to get actual education into the picture in a way that people will actually bother to watch that persuade people (especially those on the fence).

  • Daez

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: “Madam, trying to have a conversation with you is like trying to have a conversation with a dining room table.” (Barney Frank)

    Anyways, the problem with truly religious types is that they are stuck on stupid. The only way to really reason with them is to be much much smarter than they are. That means knowing how to defeat them in any possible way. Being more knowledgeable about the book that they hold so dear is an absolute must. Having some facts and figures will always help, but the key to the argument is always defeating them through religion which most have the inability to do because they consider all religion harmful and therefore criticize it instead of learning about it.

  • Jaroslaw

    Daez, dear, you are not fighting with EWE, it is me here, usually rational and willing to admit if I’m wrong. However, I clearly said people like Peter Sprigg AND Christian Fundies. Fundies are the most visible obnoxious arm of Christianity but I’m very well aware of Quakers, Episcopalians (Gene Robinson elected Bishop!) and others who are changing or have changed their policies on homosexuality.


    These folks, like the FRC, will continue to find anything to build up their attacks against our way of life, because the closer we get to complete acceptance in society, the closer their “game” is OVER. They HAVE to keep fighting.It scares the “hell” out of ’em.
    And we have the audacity to express ourselves without the need for repentance. And THAT is what really pisses them off!

  • Jim in St Louis

    Please make it shut up.

  • STEVEmd2

    Spriggs is an asshole who I have seen him talk at the MD legislature.

    The hatred is palapble. He is actually a baptist minister – he is a baptist minister – the church which gave us slavery and segregation and the KKK.

    These people are nothing but haters who need a new group to hate.

    And the people with the psychological problems are those whose personality is filled with hate.

  • stan James

    Spriggs is secretly gay, hates himself, and throws out his hatred on others.

    That is the mental disorder – hate

  • stan James

    They are not a research organization.

    They know what they want, and twist the information they get to support their madness

  • STEVEmd2

    Spriggs is an asshole who I have seen him talk at the MD legislature.

    The hatred is palapble. He is actually a baptist minister – the church which gave us slavery and segregation and the KKK.

    These people are nothing but haters who need a new group to hate.

    And the people with the psychological problems are those whose personality is filled with hate.

    Christian fundies are actually people who have induced Obsessive Compulsive personality disorder. Different btw then the more commonly known obsessive compulsive disorder.

    Look it up on Wikipedia – it is a recognized mental disorder. The product of conservative right wing churches which have had 500 to a 1000 years to fine tune their hatred.

    They are th

  • Corrinne

    I’m in love with him! But, alas, I’m a straight woman. Don’t usually comment because of that, but I wanted to throw support in for this. I could watch him ramble for hours! heh I scanned the pamphlet before watching this and it pissed me off beyond belief. I feel better after watching that.

  • Rick Gold

    “Like shit on velcro…”


  • Jaroslaw

    The big red envelope rental place has a DVD called “Saving Marriage” and even though it is from 2006 it is a fascinating look at behind the scenes when Massachussetts was deciding whether or not to allow full Same Sex Marriage. There were a number of things I never knew, not surprisingly since I don’t live in Massachussetts, but it was thrilling to see that young kid (Scorlito?) beat the incumbent Ciammpa even after the latter’s campaign became very ugly and anti-gay. I mention this because even though we seem to be struggling uphill, there are still good people in America and legislators willing to risk their careers to do the right thing. Not many, but some!

    What was difficult was watching over and over the right wing say the usual retarded things like “it is not God’s will”, “it’s not natural” or “let the people vote.” Yeah, I’ll let you vote on my marriage if I can vote on how many kids you can have or whatever! NOT. :)

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