Who Needs A Man When You Can Wear This Coat Made Entirely Of Male Chest Hair?

article-2347231-1A7A2E35000005DC-67_634x899Stop shaving your body, guys! That finger-lickin’ fur trap on your chest is so in right now that some Europeans are shelling out £2,499 just to get their hands on it!

That’s right, boys. The coat you are looking at right now is made of 100% real male chest hair—over one million strands, to be exact.

The Daily Mail reports that this fuzzy coat was commissioned by Wing Co., a company that makes “milk drinks” for men, in order to protest “clean-shaven chests and emasculating fashion.” So, it makes sense that they’ve chosen a completely hairless man to model the coat in its first ad campaign.

The coat took a team of fashion designers over 200 hours to create, and strangely enough, Wing Co. isn’t saying where they got the actual hair from.

That really doesn’t matter to us, though, because the real question here is “What does it smell like?”

It can’t smell very pleasant, judging by this model’s extremely sad reaction to it. But then again, he is covered in a million strands of someone else’s chest hair…