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Who Needs Modern Family‘s Gay Kiss When There’s a George Clooney 3-Way?

And this, friends, is why a show like Modern Family deserved to win Best Comedy: Because it is The Awesome.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson says they’ve already shot the much-hyped “gay kiss” episode (which creator Steve Levitan is still pissed you’re making such a big deal about), but is it too late to leave it on the cutting room floor? Because I’m kind of loving the Cam & Mitch Go Straight storyline.

For five seconds.

I much prefer this Emmy skit’s finale, where one Gay Actor Who Plays Gay, one Straight Actor Who Plays Gay, and One Allegedly Straight Actor Who Plays Straight get into bed together and don’t look awkward at all.

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  • myrios123

    I love this show. “Shout, a little bit louder now…”

  • Hilarious

    If the creator is such an idiot that he can’t understand why gay viewers would like equality in the way the gay and straight couples interact then I don’t feel the need to support his little show.

    I’ll keep watching Glee.

    True Blood beats both shows asses in the equality department anyway. Alan Ball has gone so far including us in his show that some people are actually complaining that it’s too gay, that’s why you know you’re doing it right.

  • riony

    Love this show! Also though, it’s a little distracting under almost every article, seeing this: [img][/img]

  • Johnny

    heh. this was way funnier than, like, every single episode of this show.

  • RomanHans

    Sadly, I’m with Hilarious. I just love the new rules that come with Hollywood’s total acceptance of gays. Now we can’t show them kissing or being in bed together, but we can show them having three-ways. That’ll win over fans. Hooray for progress!

  • alan brickman

    Ryam Murphy’s comments may have gotten them a win…just sayin…

  • John

    personally, i like Cam and Mitchell on MODERN FAMILY and don’t care that they don’t kiss.

    me and my lover hang out with my family, my brother and his kids and everyone know we are gay and for some reason, we don’t really hold hands or kiss in front of them.

    i don’t care about them kissing because i actually enjoy the chemistry they have.

    i know that the other 2 couples on the show kiss but even then, its not so distracting and for the most part i don’t feel its annoying like say WILL AND GRACE where Grace met a guys CONSTANTLY and got frisky with them while Will who was handsome, a laywer, and rather well off had zero sex life in New York

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