Who Said A Gay Wedding Can’t Incorporate Vintage Tank Warfare?

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We’ve seen super hero weddings for the geeks inside us all, heard mentions of Wizard of Oz weddings at this creepy abandoned theme park, and even saw fabulousness personified when two nice Jewish boys entered their ceremony on a live unicorn.

Which brings us to Mark White and his partner Kerwin Villabolos, who have set a new bar for weird wedding theme: World War I.

It’s every little boy’s dream.

Here’s the pitch we’re sure they got:

It’s going to be a great marriage, so why not set it around the Great War?

Share the special day with your strategic coalition of allies, aka your friends and family.

Food will be served buffet-style from troughs, harkening back to the tactical stalemate caused by grueling trench warfare. Yum!

Make your grand entrance in a period-accurate tank, and let your partner know you’re in this to win it.

Following the reception, a ceremonial redrawing of borders will commence around your home, ensuring peace for at least a decade or two.

So maybe only one of those things actually happened, but hey, a marriage is all about making compromises.

The wedding was part of the Irish version of Don’t Tell the Bride, the reality show that keeps a bride (or in this case, one of the grooms) in the dark as the groom plans the entire affair.

Did we say affair? Wrong choice of words.

It’s the first time the show has featured a same-sex couple since gay marriage was legalized in Ireland in November of last year.

h/t: PinkNews

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