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  • -M-

    Beckham all the way! He is and remains beautiful! As long as he keeps his mouth shut! :P

  • afrolito

    Zach and James fill EVERYTHING out better than Beckham!

  • leomoore

    Beckham is at least their equal in the filling department. He carries the day in my opinion with a face that is one of the finer examples of masculine beauty.


    This will not work.

    I’ll need to cup them all in both hands to really know.

  • Vince

    Forget who stuffs Armani….

    How about stuffing me !!!!!!

    I’d bet Beck can stuff me best !!!!

    Yeah baby, that makes me horney !!!

  • hells kitchen guy

    It’s Becks by an inch. or two. or three …

  • emb

    Totally a tie: Becks wins it in overall just general lovliness to look at; those other two are hands-down winners in the, um, detailed impression department.

    I’m deeply ashamed of this post.

  • dvlaries

    This is a trick contest. You know goddamn well we can’t vote intelligibly until the Internet comes up with Scratch-N’-Sniff photos.

  • Charley

    Is his big cock effective advertising for underware ? To be honest, I just look at the bulge and not the label and wish I was there, but it could help Calvin Klein underware sales. Who cares or would remember brand names with such a power dick bulging out? Waste of advertising money Armani, but thanks for the billboard.

  • Petty Lady

    He is and remains beautiful! Anyway, Who cares or would remember brand names with such a power dick bulging out? You may check his more sexy video and photo on

  • Cropcircles

    I’d say Mr. Beckham fills out those tighty whities the best, but aren’t two cocks always better than one?

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