Who The Hell Blackmails Gay Men To Stay At A Bed-And-Breakfast?

20-year-old Lee Taylor is a British bloke who blackmailed a closeted company boss and an openly gay man into paying for his bed-and-breakfast accommodations by threatening to accuse them of rape if they didn’t pay up. Such criminally expensive taste cannot go unpunished, so the courts gave Taylor four-and-a-half years.

Taylor made off with hundreds of pounds by threatening to tell the businessman’s customers and family that he was a “gay sex attacker” (pot-kettle-black). The police eventually arrested Taylor when he threatened to smash in the face of one of the businessman’s friends. But they released him on bail and he immediately went online to find his next victim (a modus operandi that’s become increasingly common).

[Taylor] then made contact with a gay man through an internet website. They met in March this year and went to the complainant’s flat for sex. Afterwards, Taylor demanded payment and showed the man a prison tag, warning that he knew how to hurt people. He also threatened to open a window and shout rape. The victim handed over £45. Taylor later tricked the man’s landlord into letting him into the victim’s flat, where he discovered his bank account and driving license details.

Gay-on-gay crime proves that we gays can commit hate crimes as well as any common criminal. See? Take that homophobes!