Who Wants Southland‘s Gay Cop to Handcuff You?


Raise your hand if you watched the premiere of Southland on NBC last night! Our conclusion: We’re loving this show, and not just because The O.C.‘s Ben McKenzie has grown from a brooding angst-y teen into a handsome conflicted rookie. Oh, and then there’s John Cooper, the partner to McKenzie’s Ben Sherman played by Michael Cudlitz, who’s a big homo! And as we learned before the premiere, he’s the straight-acting, shit-talking, machismo-fueled type. (Possible spoilers ahead.)

And as we learned on last night’s episode: He looks great in a tight black tee. The last scene of the hour-long cop drama set in Los Angeles shows Cooper at a gay bar, where he runs into a fella we see previously in the show — when he was arrested for cruising at a local park. It’s the type of smart, not-in-your-face introduction to Cooper’s sexuality we appreciate, since it lets the character develop not as a gay cop, but as a cop who’s gay.

And now that NBC canceled Kings after just four episodes, robbing the network’s primetime schedule from a central gay character, it’s nice to see Cooper filling the void.

Especially when Cooper is Los Angeles cop, which real life LAPD chief (and Queerty‘s 2008 Homo Of The Year) William Bratton must appreciate.