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Who Was The Cute Blonde Mike Took Home on Real World DC?

Because Real World DC‘s Mike Manning is going to blow up as this winter’s most-famous male bisexual, we must pay attention to how much of a smooth operator this chap really is. Like how he makes out with his lady roommate at one club, and then at his first gay bar in D.C., he also ends up taking home a fella. Oh hey now!

We’ve already studied Mike’s bisexual sex history — and now that we’ve seen this week’s footage, it’s pretty evident that he’s going to have to increase his bedpost notch count.

(NB: We love how the other gays in the bar who find him cute advise him to “don’t be nervous.” Aw, Robbie, killin’ ’em with kindness.)

Though we have these words of advice for anyone, ever, on a dance floor, when there are cameras around: Nobody, and we mean nobody, looks good dancing on film. Or making out on a pool table.

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  • terrwill

    Was suprised, Robbie is kinda nerd hot, Mike could have had his
    pick of the litter yet chose him. Based on the attention
    Mike was getting and seemin to love it methinks Mike will be
    sayin by to the “bi” tag soon………..

  • Cam

    Yeah, typical first step out. Kisses his girl “Friend” then goes home with a guy.

  • David

    I hope what Mike whispered to Robbie on the dance floor was, “Why are you wearing pleated shorts?”

  • Joseph

    I think Robbie is adorable, much more attractive than Mike.

  • Same Crap

    Davey Wavey is more interesting than this guy.

  • terrwill

    No. 5 · Same Crap: I think Mike actually has some brain
    matter in his crainium, unlike Davey……………

  • Tonyboy

    Who in the world wears pleated khaki shorts to a dance club? Who wears shorts to a dance club? Take away his gay card.

  • AladinSane

    Thank you for saying it David!

  • Joseph

    I think y’all’s gay cards should be rescinded for being so shallow and judgmental. Robbie is adorable!

  • Colby412

    uhhhhh, who in their right mind would go home with a guy who is being followed by a bunch of cameras? Is this something you really want your parents or co-workers to see? For years he is going to be known as the bi guy’s bar trash.

  • shaf

    Well, this video proves that not all fags can dance (including me). When are they ever going to pull the plug on this “show”?

  • Dave

    He’s not bi…he’s gay. Just using bi excuse until he is fully comfortable. Common among recently out men.

  • Caleb

    Robbie is adorable? No.

  • me

    The guys didn’t ‘advise him to “don’t be nervous.”‘ You can’t advise someone to do be anything. Perhaps the advised him “don’t be nervous.”

    You write like my foreign boyfriend speaks.

  • dizzy spins

    re: Pleated shorts.

    I lived in DC for eight years and was stymied by the almost-mandatory dress code. It was like living in Best Buy: Khakis and Brooks Brothers in the winter, khaki shorts with braided leather belt and polo shirt in the summer. Maybe its because so many people work for the government theyve lost their sense of fun and uniqueness.

  • JohnnyCock

    he is stupid. I have already had it with him.

  • Dasher

    The real news is Real World DC’s big Closet Case, Andrew, who wore women’s eye makeup, and looked like Taylor Swift

  • Kurt

    “He’s not bi…he’s gay. Just using bi excuse until he is fully comfortable. Common among recently out men.”

    WRONG. He’s not bi..he’s gay. Just using the bi excuse because the writer told him that is a more interesting plot line. It’s all fake, pumpkins.

  • M

    Oh look, a recent interview where he comes out as…BI! I know, I know, just in denial right? Alright evangelicals…….whoops, sorry, I mean gay men…….

  • WashingtonLow200

    So, basically, Mike is going to be the slut of the series? Fantastic. Way to buck the stereotype of promiscuous moes Mike! Oh wait. Bisexuals. Whatever! LOL

    Also, please don’t tell me HRC is going to hire this kid full time.

  • kyle412

    Where are Mike’s eyebrows? Did I miss an episode where he got drunk and shaved them off?

  • Po

    “He’s not bi…he’s gay. Just using bi excuse until he is fully comfortable. Common among recently out men.”

    This is so annoying and close-minded, how can YOU know whether he is bi, gay, or straight. And why is there a need for gay men to do this. Its no different than people saying that being gay is a phase or is always a result of abuse or whatever the fuck people say nowadays about us. Sure, its possible that he may be gay. But whats the determination for this? If he ends up in a longterm relationship with a guy? How would this negate his attraction to women? If he ends up in a relationship with a woman would that then ake him straight? I’m assuming you’re answer would be no. Its dificult for bisexuals because if you’re in a committed relationship you can obviously only be with one sex.

    I did read an interview where he said that although he is attracted to and could have relationships with both sexes that at the time of the interview(and perhaps during filming, it wasn’t clear) he was looking to be in a relationship with a guy.

    He also talked about “Biphobia” in the gay community whcih I was abit skeptical about but damn if every single post about him here doesn’t have at least one person declaring his sexuality for him.

    Also I don’t mean to jump down your throat, I just used your post as an example of something that is prevalent in our community

  • Swimmer - Chicago

    Rumor has it that he cannot wait to return to DC after he finishes his degree this May. I suspect he will become a permanent fixture in DuPont/Logan Circle and become quite the party boy.

    As for you prispots – give him a break – he has come out to his family and friends – not an easy thing to do around conservative people.

  • me

    i went to high school with robbie!

  • No

    The show already let it slip that he’s gay on their After Show right after the first episode.

    Anyone who doesn’t know by now that the Real World has been coming up with storylines by now is seriously stupid.

    This show hasn’t been even partially real since it’s 10th season. It’s so blatantly obvious at this point it’s painful to try and take it seriously. It’s only worth watching for eye candy.

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