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Who Was The Cute Blonde Mike Took Home on Real World DC?

Because Real World DC‘s Mike Manning is going to blow up as this winter’s most-famous male bisexual, we must pay attention to how much of a smooth operator this chap really is. Like how he makes out with his lady roommate at one club, and then at his first gay bar in D.C., he also ends up taking home a fella. Oh hey now!

We’ve already studied Mike’s bisexual sex history — and now that we’ve seen this week’s footage, it’s pretty evident that he’s going to have to increase his bedpost notch count.

(NB: We love how the other gays in the bar who find him cute advise him to “don’t be nervous.” Aw, Robbie, killin’ ’em with kindness.)

Though we have these words of advice for anyone, ever, on a dance floor, when there are cameras around: Nobody, and we mean nobody, looks good dancing on film. Or making out on a pool table.