Who Was Your First Gay Crush?

The creator of the Born This Way— a blog that features pictures of “fabulous” kids and stories from their adult selves about their childhood identity—has just started a new blog called My First Gay Crush where you can read true confessions of people’s first entertainment crush. Apparently folks had the hots for The Bionic Woman, Buddy Blue from Rainbow Brite, and the Big Jim action figure. Ken ain’t got nothin’ on Big Jim.

Who was your first gay crush? Mine was a pair of twin brothers in kindergarten. I just thought I really really liked them, but now I realize that I had a mega-crush on them both. We used to spend most of our time talking on the playground instead of beating the crap out of each other like the other dumb boys. They were so preppy and clean cut. They basically set the template for the sort of guy I would be attracted to for the next twenty years of my life. Thank Gob (yes, Gob) I outgrew that. Now I like scruffy guys… go figure.