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Who Will Play Reichen Lehmkuhl In His Hollywood Military Biopic?

Everyone’s favorite reality star (besides Lawrence Washington) Reichen Lehmkuhl wrote a book, you might’ve heard? It came out in 2006? It was called Here’s What We’ll Say: Growing Up, Coming Out and the US Air Force? It was about being gay in the military? Well Don’t Ask Don’t Tell isn’t just a hot topic in Congress — now it’s hit Hollywood. And movie makers want to make a movie out of it!

Playing the part of Riechen could be either Chase Crawford or Taylor Lautner — if casting directors have their way. And while playing gay might hit too close to home for actual gay actors (of which Chase and Taylor are both totally not!), everyone needs to just look at Jake Gyllenhaal (and Sean Penn, and Julianne Moore, etc.) to know going gay on the big screen is often a great career move.

The screenplay about The Life Of Reichen, a former Air Force captain, has already been written. Now it’s just a matter of finding someone to play America’s gay critic. And, of course, his love interest. This is a Hollywood movie, after all. But snaps to producers for skipping over real-life Riechen in their casting decisions. There’s a reason Reichen was, ahem, “recast” in My Big Gay Italian Wedding.

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  • Kel

    I heard the short list was Pee Wee Herman and Richard Simmons.

  • jak

    Is Carrottop available?

  • Ryan

    He should have gone into the marines, everyone knows the marines make the world’s best bottoms.

  • chimmy

    a dumb monkey, really? this is something brought forth by the “gay news” -queerty?!? he’s horrible on that realtiy logo show. Singing?!? I’m surprised they even cast him in that play. It must not have been a singing role, but he’s not even good on reality tv…please,

  • Patrick

    who cares is the real question. reality tv and his behavior ruins any respect i would have had for him and the situation he was in. I really don’t think he’s ever suffered

  • Tylertime

    this movie will never move forward. i wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of reichen’s pr moves to keep his name in the press. if there were interest it would have happened 4 years ago. there really isn’t anything special about reichen’s story either. he didn’t serve that long. he has served his reality tv career longer than his military one.

  • Cam

    Honestly, “The A List” probably killed any chance this movie had of getting made. It has made him seem so distasteful that while I probably would have gone to see the movie before, I’m just not sure I’d want to pay money to go see a movie based on him at this point.

  • Dawson

    Why the hate? He hasn’t done anything to hurt our community. He actually has put a face to gays in the military. This is a person who served honorably for our country? How many of you have done so for our country?

    Could we please respect one another. Unless he has done something personally to you why not just wish him well.

    Peace to all of you

  • Horatio Jone

    Yo Dawson, watch a couple of episodes of A-List and then come back to me about Reichen. He’s not representative of the gays or gays in the military. I was in Iraq for two years and I am a gay man and I know for a fact he doesn’t represent me.

    Good luck with the movie adaption. I’m willing to be it’s never gonna happen. Just more bullshit from Logo to promote the show.

  • jak

    just havin a bit o fun – never seen this Alist you speak of – don’t have cable, but he seems a decent bloke and easy on the eyes.

  • Jeffree

    Unless James Franco plays Reichen in the bio-pic, I ain’t going to see it !
    (Hey how about Hillary Swank? She’s got the cheekbones!)

  • rrr

    @Dawson: There are already noble public figures providing a better public face for gays in the military. Reichen was stationed in LA and didn’t see combat from what I understand, his post-service “career” as an anything for money and fame talentless won’t go away guy has been embarrassing, and he has a pretty awful personality.

  • meego

    You have got to be fucking kidding me! This is a joke, right? A movie about an annoying famewhore whose 15 minutes were over years ago? Barf!

  • Stephen

    LOL. This is the book where he was scarred for life by being forced to GET a BJ. Can’t wait. I’m sure out of all the glbt’s who served in the military, his story is the most heroic. I hope he records the soundtrack, too.

  • Michael

    I’m sorry–“put a face to gays in the military?” They already had a face. Lots of faces, in fact. Lots of names, too. Jesus Christ, you people.

  • Paul

    @Patrick: Reichen hasn’t suffered? He was RAPED in the military. If that isn’t suffering I don’t know what is. Try educating yourself a bit more before making truly ignorant comments.

  • Stephen

    Lol! Did you read the book?! He was “forced” to do push-ups while sticking his penis in some guy’s mouth! If that’s rape, I was raped many times during my fraternity initiation! And I’m not suffering from post-traumatic stress too badly.

  • AntonioDL

    I give any Veteran my utmost respect, regardless if he or she does horrible TV, can’t act, sing, or even if they have the personality of post-Katrina cardboard.

    If Reichen really cared about repealing DADT, don’t you think we would have seen a few youtube videos from him, or something to that effect? He is interested in himself only. As Mary Poppins said “Some people can’t see past the end of their nose.”

    Goodbye LOGO – you’re not getting my money anymore.

  • adman

    “Who Will Play Reichen Lehmkuhl In His Hollywood Military Biopic?”

    Is there someone to cast without a head? Just a nice body, and no head please. I hate being reminded of the guy and his stupid Irish Setter face staring at the world and comprehending little, if anything at all. Just the body, and that’ll do it.

  • Soupy

    Cast plastic as plastic. Zac Efron.

  • Joe

    I don’t care if he or isn’t representative of the gay community, but the “A List” has shown Reichen to be a complete fame whore (the book, the jewelry line, the reality show, the acting “career”, the singing gig), which makes him seem desperate and completely unappealing as a personality. The dude is trying so damned hard to be famous, I expect celebrity chef will be his next endeavor.





  • Delerious hilarity

    @NYC SOCIALITE: BECAUSE YOU ARE A SOCIALITE AND Don’t know how to type: Here’s some advice; Get your GED. With that you may be able to bus tables and be an OFFICIAL greeter at WalMart.

    Please stop SHOUTING. Let go of the meth and get a grip.

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