The Queerty Interview

“Whoa, Dude” Host Jonny McGovern On “The Gayest Things Straight Guys Do”


Comedian and Big Gay Sketch Show co-star Jonny McGovern (a.k.a. the Gay Pimp) has been amusing the world years with dance songs like Bossy Bottom and Man Areas and their accompanying music videos. Now, he’s launched a new web series called Whoa, Dude that explores homoerotic behavior in straight men.

We chatted with McGovern via Skype. He’s currently in Los Angeles, where he’s busy blogging, making music and promoting Whoa, Dude.

First order of business: Have you heard about Joe Simpson?

And his new twinky boyfriend on the beach? Yes. I think it’s always a delight to see Joe Simpson and his new gay haircut living his gay lifestyle taking pictures of his “modeling client” on the beach.

I do also say to Joe Simpson: It’s your life. Married all those years and you actually turn out to be gay. This is your moment. Go have a gay model.

Live it up.

I mean, come on. He’s worked hard. He made his semi-talented daughter’s shoe brand into a billion-dollar business. Let the man have sex with a 22-year-old and take pictures of him on the beach. Go on, Joe Simpson!

For people who don’t know, what is Whoa, Dude?

Whoa Dude is a delightful roundup of the most intentionally and unintentionally homoerotic videos the internet has to offer. We’ve collected and curated videos of frat boys, military guys, and skaters, but then we also pick up drag queens, lesbians, and daddies. Basically anything gayish that’s lurking around on the internet we take and have a little fun with.

In all your scouring of the internet for videos, what’s the “gayest” thing you’ve ever seen a straight guy do?

There is a clip in an upcoming episode that begins with a young gentlemen coming onto a bare mattress in little shorts and looking “come hither” at his buddy, who then jumps on top of him and starts humping on his butt. Then, one by one, different guys come into the room, jump on top, and start humping the other person. Until literally there are 15 guys all on top of one another pretending to have a giant butt fuck orgy.

Just your average day in the life of a straight guy.

These are just straight guys on a sports team having fun, man. Just whatever, man.

What do you think compels them to act like that?

Hard to say. I mean, straight guys are not allowed to say that they even find another guy handsome without being labeled “gay.” Yet somehow they still continue to create videos where they do real gay stuff. I mean, I’ve never seen more stripping and thong-wearing videos than from America’s bravest, our soldiers, who seem to spend a lot of time lip-syncing in their underwear and pretending to hump one another.

And twerking.

And a lot of twerking. I’ve seen so much twerking while we were looking through these videos. And it was a delight!

The show has a voyeuristic quality to it. Would you consider yourself a voyeur?

Maybe not in the most traditional 1970s sense where I like to smoke a cigarette while I watch two hookers sit on the bed. But videos of jocks doing sexy stuff or frat boys humping on each other is definitely a thrill that I enjoy.

The internet has given us a private glimpse into everyone’s universe. And with Grindr and SCRUFF and stuff like that, everyone has a naked picture. So everyone’s become more of a voyeur. I certainly appreciate seeing people’s naked selfies and, uh, et cetera.

You did an episode about bears and leather daddies.

There’s the classics of homoerotic topics: jocks, frat boys, military guys. But then there’s daddies and leather, too. We cover all of that on the show. We want to give you every pervy color of the gay rainbow.

So what’s the perviest color of the gay rainbow? Without judgement, of course.

Pervy without judgement. Of course. Like I say in my song Gay Questions from my last album: “Two handed fisting bottom. How do you do it?” Once you start to really get deep into people’s cavities, that’s pretty pervy. (Laughs.) And that is a gay question I wanted to know. Which is why I sang about it.

Did you ever find the answer?

People will sometimes come up to me after I sing the song and tell me: “I think they just do it, and get the trunk button, and hope for the best.”

Within the gay culture, there’s definitely a fascination with straight men, which Whoa Dude taps into. What do you make of all those amateur gay pornos out there that claim to feature straight men?

I definitely find those things amusing and enjoyable in the right way. There are things like Bait Bus or whatever where they’re like, “Hey, man. Pull over. This is gonna be a girl. Get blindfolded. We took the blindfold off. It’s a man! For $100 you can fuck him in the butt.” Those I find less believable. Especially since I’ve met all the stars of those in real life.

I do find those guys on Sean Cody or Corbin Fisher more questionable. They always act straight and seem straight, but they must have been practicing for a while because they have no trouble taking a dick up their ass.

But if I see the right one, I’m definitely willing to buy into the fantasy for at least 10 or 15 minutes that a straight guy is being seduced by a gay guy for the first time and it feels so good and so right.

So where can people watch Whoa Dude?

You can always see it on my Youtube channel. I have a playlist for it. The show originates on the channel for, which is the company that co-produces the show with us. And you can also always find it on my blog.

We shot 16 episodes, so they’ll be coming out pretty much through June, when we celebrate with our gay pride episode. That’s the big finale. And we’ve got a lot of great episodes still coming up. This week is “buddies and bros.” Plus gym queens, boners, a great episode co-hosted by Julie Goldman which focuses on our lesbian sisters. Dancing, hookers, porn stars. A lot of great categories and great shows still to come.

It’s kind of anthropological.

Yes! It totally is. It’s a little bit anthropological. It’s like, “Look at the straight man in his natural habitat. He says he’s homophobic but he has no problem turning his boxer shorts into a thong and humping his friend.”

Any last things you want to mention?

Get to your computer every Tuesday and watch Woah, Dude. Also, I’ve recently released a really exciting DVD called The Gayest Video Special of All TimeIt takes all six videos from my last album and intersperses them with skits featuring my favorite drag queens and go-go boys. And it also includes the full making of one of my sexiest videos, which is called Man Areas. So you can get that now on Amazon.