Whoring Pays Better Than Politics

tom malin

Tom Malin, the man-whore turned politician who has just found God refuses to back out of his race for the Texas House of Representatives. All this despite a lack of endorsement s from gay groups. Malin needs more than just endorsements. He needs money.

A campaign finance report filed by Malin with the Texas Ethics Commission, which keeps track of campaign donations, shows that Malin had received $7,690 in total contributions as of Feb. 6. The same report shows he spent $8,683. The report shows that Malin had no cash remaining on hand at the time the report was filed.

If his campaign is indeed strapped for cash, then there seems to be only one alternative route to go. Go back to what you do best. Sure escorting isn’t the most reputable job out there, but it certainly helps pad the wallet.

Gay Texan asks campaign ‘redemption’ [NY Blade]